What Katie Did ‘Morticia’ Corset Review

Branching out from my usual bra-and-pants combo I decided to give a corset a try. Not something that I personally would wear on a day to day basis (I think it takes a certain level of style and confidence to pull something like this off – I am more at home in a cardi!) but I have heard great things about this company so decided to give one a whirl – and I was not disappointed!

After asking @WhatKatieDidUK for advice on Twitter as to which style would best suit my ‘vital stats’ I suggested and was recommended the Morticia style. I was glad as this one was my favourite of the underbust styles and has a gorgeous smooth and classic shape.

I went for a classic black to increase versatility – the fabric, cut and components are outstanding quality, you can just tell the sheer amount of design, manufacture and engineering went into this work of scaffolding – you would not get a corset like this in Ann Summers that’s for sure! The cut is beautifully flattering on a large waist-to-hip ratio (mine is about 15) and gives my waist the best definition I have ever found in a corset before. I am no expert (this was my first corset) but after trying many styles in Camden and the high street I can see why people rave about What Katie Did. The key to the quality is the sheer amount of panels and the quality of manufacture.

Their website says of the Morticia:

Morticia is an ultra-curvy underbust corset. It features our trademark goring at the hips, a longer busk and lower line, which ensure that the waist can be pulled in as tightly as desired, without putting undue pressure on the hips. It is, of course, named after the beautifully macabre and wasp-waisted Morticia Addams, and is as utterly bewitching as its namesake.

Its extreme cut makes Morticia only suitable for those with vintage figures: a 10 inch or greater difference between waist and hip measurements. Most experienced corset wearers will find they take a smaller size than usual in this style, but corset newcomers are often pleasantly surprised with the reduction they can achieve.

We try to keep Morticia in stock in black satin. A wide range of other colours, from jewel tones to bridal cream and peach are available to order. Special orders take around 3-4 weeks, and more information can be found under the ‘To Order Info’ tab.

All of our corsets have 6 loops to which you can attach suspenders if required.

The corset has a modesty panel which I think is essential for one of these types of corsets as even the slimmest of ladies are bound to get a bit of the dreaded squished skin effect with this kind of engineering and pulled-in style.

All in all a beautiful garment for someone looking for a corset for wear or something to add a bit of variety to the bedroom, or even for just a bit of body control this corset is simply perfect!

Image credits: Promotional images by What Katie Did

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  1. I’ve got morticia in black raw silk. It pulls me in so my torso is conical – comfortably. No idea how this miracle works; it’s a great feat of engineering and one that I am very grateful for. 🙂

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