Tutti Rouge Liliana: Bra Review

Ask and you shall get, readers! After a quick poll on my Twitter and Facebook pages, a few of you said you’d next like to see my review of the Tutti Rouge Liliana next. I’m smashing out the reviews this week; making up for lost time and I’ve got so many sets to show you!

The buzz behind Tutti Rouge since their preview videos back in February has been utterly insane. I posted a few weeks ago about some of their styles that Becky and I spied at Moda, and you guys seemed to love them just as much as we did!

As well as obviously waxing lyrical about the fun and vibrant designs which quite frankly brow most other full-busted brands out of the water when it comes to care-free frivolity and personality, I also had a little secret that I was keeping from you. I had a Tutti Rouge set all of my own which I’ve been giving a good test so that I could really give you my thoughts behind how bras from this new brand really fit – and her name was ‘Liliana’.

Currently available from Bravissimo, ‘Liliana’ is quite the looker. She’s the most beautiful coral pink shade, (one of the only shades I don’t actually already own in a bra so always nice to have something a little unique) plus her pretty lace body and weaved ribbon is a fresh take on a fairly classic design. The difference? The Tutti Rouge effect.

The designer – the dreamy Miss Jessica – really has injected her love and passion into Liliana. The attention to detail in making her as pretty as possible is evident in every inch – from the contrasting polka dot bow to heart-shaped the rivets on the bra strap. All these extra additions make the bra ‘wow’ – and the quality of the fabrics really is lovely. The stretch lace is so, so soft, and the foam lining of the cups isn’t that nasty rigid stuff you see in some moulded or foam-lined bras (and home insulation, it seems!).

The bra’s shape is great, too – a very rounded shape. The only problem I can point out immediately for me is your boobs seem a little overexposed to the elements on the top half of the cup – the stretch lace doesn’t quite hold you in like I’m used to from my sturdy Freya or Panache balonettes. Liliana is great for everyday – I’ve worn her shopping, to work, to the beach, for a long walk through the rolling Dorset countryside and she coped perfectly well with all of the above – but the most supportive bra in the world she is not.

I’d compare the support to Curvy Kate (despite being completely and utterly different in construction). The bra cradles your boobs in place, with no dramatic uplift or ‘push up’ effect. They’re certainly lifted and held in place, but I wouldn’t be doing cartwheels or handstands in it just to be safe. She has all the potential of a great everyday bra (comfortable much!?), but buy into Liliana for the lifestyle and the prettiness, not because you want some boob scaffolding.

I had some trouble deciding which size was best for me as on first try on I deemed the 30FF too loose in the band, thinking I’d need a 28G – but the 28G really was a touch too tight for me. Giving the 30FF another bash and wearing it out for a hard day’s walk through the countryside, I felt no discomfort and was perfectly supported all day long. Nonetheless, I found myself feeling that I wanted a half-way size – something I’ve never really come experienced before. 29FFF, anyone?

I was interested, therefore, to see so many bloggers reviewing the Liliana lately and saying that the bands felt tighter than most other brands. I’d have to interject and disagree. I do love a Cleo by Panache 30 band (known for fitting a smidgen tighten than the majority of bands), and I think my Tutti fits much more comparably with a Freya ‘standard’ 30 band – in which I find I can still call for a 28 band in these days.

Despite the narrow gore, the placement of the foam lining makes the cups of Liliana feel quite widely spaced, but the underarms are cut wonderfully low which is really comfortable.

Another huge plus in Lilliana is the narrow (fully convertible) straps – perfect for this time of year when we’re all wearing less and don’t necessarily want ugly thick straps on show. Perfect for when the weather is a bit wet and miserable and you need a little extra help to put a spring in your step (Summer, where are you?!). I hope to see more of this from Tutti Rouge in future releases!

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 6/10

Comfort: 8/10

Styling: 9/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 8/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10 (as the fit isn’t particularly compatible for me!)

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8/10

** This bra was gifted by Tutti Rouge for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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5 Replies to “Tutti Rouge Liliana: Bra Review”

  1. I tried this and found that it really flattened me, a few of my friends felt the same. I’ve recently just tried the Betty and again it seemed to flatten. I’m a bit sad because I was so excited about this brand and they are such gorgeous bras – but for me I just don’t feel them to be the best shape in the world. I wear a 28GG but found the 28 too tight and the 30 too big. I also felt a 29 was needed! If only!

  2. Thanks for the review. I love few things in lingerie more than truly soft, pretty stretch lace. The Tutti Rouge bras are *so* pretty and chic—I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on a few to try them on, though I’m concerned about the flattening.

  3. It really is a shame that Tutti Rouge has experienced some fit issues with the first launch of their bras, but they seem very receptive to feedback. Hopefully, they’ll make some design tweaks to allow for more depth in the cups. It’s been my experience as a fitter that a lot of women in the full-bust market have fuller, closer set breasts, but quite a few companies cut for the complete opposite. Great review, as always!

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