Tutti Rouge Betty: Bra Review

After pretty much falling in love with Tutti Rouge’s ‘Liliana’ (so darn pretty!), when I got my hands on the Tutti Rouge Betty (the set that I was perhaps looking forward to most out of Tutti Rouge’s SS13 offerings) I can’t help but feel that, despite her gorgeous exterior, unfortunately she’s prettier than she is perfect.

That said, I love her all the same. Why, I hear you ask?

Well; once again, the quality really is lovely. With a stunning print, glorious vibrant colours and a very unusual colour palette, you’d be mad not to appreciate the gorgeous silky-soft satin fabric. Once again, Betty has the same cute details in her hardware as Liliana, with the precious heart-shaped strap hoops.

She jumps through so many hoops effortlessly – with lovely, decorated straps and fine lace frill embellishment that makes her scream feminine. Amazingly, the lace doesn’t tickle or irritate the skin in any way – something that I was nervous about before trying.

She’s got everything that will make you smile and is definitely a feast for the eyes – the only drawback was the way she fit me.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for longer than about five minutes, you’ll know how much I struggle with moulded and foam-lined cups. I find that they never seem to suit my boob shape, and I’m usually either left with gaps in the bottom or the top of the cup, and boobs that are trying to fill the space that they wouldn’t normally take the shape of. With Betty, she gets ever so close to fitting gloriously, but it’s just the top of the cups that I seem to struggle with. The wire placement and the lower cup shape is divine, with perfect tacking and uplift. The only problem is when you get to the top of the cup when Betty seems to not be expecting the lack of fullness at the top of my bust. For gals with even or upper bust fullness, I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem, but alas, for me it’s just stopping me falling completely in love.

Thankfully, unlike bras like the Daily Boost and the Deco, the despite not looking a 100% glorious fit on me, Betty actually feels really good and supportive. I’ll certainly be hanging on to her (I couldn’t bear to part with those pastel colours and beautiful poppy print!), and also, under most clothing, the ‘problem’ I just described is completely undetectable.

Despite her straps being not fully adjustable, I had no problem with getting them to sit just perfectly on me – but still, something to consider if you have big problems with non fully-adjustable straps. If it’s any consolation, they are gorgeously decorated with the printed satin fabric and are about a centimeter wide on my 30FF bra – quite a novelty in itself!

Fit wise, just like with the Liliana I felt like I wanted to try the 28G – but since I tried the band size down in the Liliana and was proved wrong I’m not sure if a 28G in Betty would have improved things. Even so, I’d definitely say the band is (as Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust wrote in her recent review) certainly ‘forgiving’ – so if you’re between sizes you’d probably need to take a band size down! Cup wise I found the FF great in terms of cup and wire placement, but as I’ve mentioned in this review already i just don’t think the cup shape was quite for me.

They say the finer details are the most important, but I think the thing that makes me love Betty all the more and forgive her her faults is the matching knickers, with their keyhole detail and flattering cut. If you want a bra set that will make you feel cute, sassy and sexy all at once (and it probably would help if your boob shape was a little more evenly full), definitely give Betty a go, but she’s not the best fitting bra in my collection (but definitely one of the prettiest!).

Try Betty for yourself from www.bravissimo.com

Attractiveness: 8/10

Fit: 5/10

Comfort: 7/10

Styling: 9/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 7/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10 (simply as it’s not particularly compatible for me)

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7/10

** This bra was gifted by Tutti Rouge for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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4 Replies to “Tutti Rouge Betty: Bra Review”

  1. It’s so interesting that you found your 30 band felt forgiving, as I felt that the 30H I tried was *very* tight for a 30 band (stretched only to 28 inches, tops)! Do you know what the band of your 30FF stretches to? x

    I agree that it’s certainly a lovely bra, and the non-itchy lace was a pleasant surprise!

    1. It’s really interesting you saying that- I tried this in a 32GG and a 32H and although the cup volume in the H was infinitely better than the GG I felt that the band in the H was at least one band size smaller than the GG- and that’s with the extra volume in the bigger cups! Im wondering if its just inconsistency in sizing because its such a new brand- but it is confusing as a customer!

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