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The Little Bra Company Strapless Bra

It goes without saying that some of the main focuses of this blog are the ‘problems’ faced by larger busted women when shopping for lingerie. This is a problem that I as a 30FF know all too well, and that women with even bigger boobs know even better.

What’s worth noting, however, are the problems faced by smaller busted women. Many are just as troubled by poor fitting services, resulting in badly fitted bras, but are made to feel like bra fitting ‘isn’t as important’ for smaller boobs. I’m here today to contest that.

My dear friend – who for the purpose of this blog post will remain nameless at her own request – has recently come to me asking for tips for wedding lingerie, and complaining that bras rarely feel ‘right’, despite her smaller bust. She was complaining of strapless bras which fall down, bras which ride up, bulge and gape, and wondering why her 34AA and 32A bras don’t fit properly.

Now this friend, who we’ll call Sally, is extremely petite in the frame. She’s a very slim girl and always has been. The next step for me was to inform her that the bra size she was told to wear by Marks & Spencer 5 years ago probably wasn’t correct, and she probably needed a smaller band size, with a larger cup.

She didn’t want her ‘before’ shots to be featured, but let’s just say they looked a little something like this:


After a few gasps and ‘surely nots’, I got in touch with The Little Bra Company with the sole intention of proving my theory right.

The Little Bra Company are fab not only for their gorgeous bras designed just for petite ladies in the following hard-to-find sizes:

– 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 A
– 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 B
– 28, 30, 32, 34 C

…they’re also a real example of spotlighting bra fitting on ladies with smaller boobs. I believe bra fitting is for everyone – not just us D+ gals! A bad fit is a bad fit, whatever your cup size.

The Little Bra Company Fitting Guide

The Little Bra Company were kind enough to send Sally some bras to try, and she was incredibly impressed, not only with her new size, 30C, but with the quality, shape, support and cleavage and uplift which her new bras gave her. (An first apparently!)

Let the results speak for themselves:

The Little Bra Company Strapless

The Little Bra Company Multiway Strapless

The Little Bra Company’s Strapless bra Sasha in Pearl was the first strapless bra Sally had ever tried which stayed put. That’s right, girls; strapless bras elude most of us! The ivory lace is classic, but pretty enough to be considered for a subtle but beautiful look for wedding lingerie – something notoriously difficult for petite women. Also, the multi-way adjustable and removable straps make this bra so practical – wear it strapless, racer back, single strap, halterneck; the list goes on!

The Little Bra Company 'Lucia' Bra in Geranium

The Little Bra Company 'Lucia' Bra in Geranium

The Little Bra Company 'Lucia' Bra in Slate

The Little Bra Company 'Lucia' Bra

Sally’s favourite was this stunning ‘Lucia’ multi-way bra, which comes in a rainbow of gorgeous colour-ways. She described it as ‘the most comfortable bra ever’ – and I’m convinced that’s not just because it’s one of the only bras she’s tried in her size, like ever. It’s one of The Little Bra Company’s best sellers, and they keep bringing out amazing seasonal colours as well as the unashamedly practical Signature Collection, consisting of black, white and a beautiful golden ‘nude’ colour.

The vintage, deep-plunging ‘V’ shape is really flattering and supportive for smaller busts. Again, this bra’s a multi-way, which is the perfect accompaniment to tricky necklines and racer back style tops. The Lucia is foam lined but not overly padded – enough to add definition and shape without feeling like you’ve got a doorstop in your bra.

Below are some bras which were sent in a 28C so didn’t quite fit Sally as well (to her amazement they were actually too small in the cups – another first!), but I still thought were worth showing as they’re quite simply beautiful.

The Little Bra Company 'Ethel' Bra in Navy

The Little Bra Company ‘Ethel’ bra in Navy

The Little Bra Company 'Erin' Bra in Black/Nude

The Little Bra Company ‘Erin’ bra in Black/Nude

Sally loved the huge range of bras available to her that she’d previously thought were unavailable to her – or at least, would never work for her. There are bras with a small amount of padding, some with a lot, strapless bras, multi-ways, plunges and balconettes, all perfectly combining comfort and class, and all for an impressively reasonable price.

No more 34A H&M bras for Sally!

What do you think of The Little Bra Company? Do you think bra fitting is just as important for smaller busts?

** These bras were gifted by The Little Bra Company for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. Not a sponsored post. **

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28 Replies to “The Little Bra Company”

  1. Awesome post, as usual, Cheryl! Women with small busts endure a lot of frustrations when it comes to finding bras that fit. Too often, they are shamed into shopping in the girls section of stores or told they don’t need to wear a bra at all, which can make the bitty-busted feel…er…small. Thanks for shedding light on the great brands that design expressly for these ladies!

  2. I LOVE the LBC and am so happy to see them on IIYC. Their marketing campaigns, catalogs, and fitting information are done really well. Plus, their bras are obviously gorgeous. Sally looks great!!

  3. I love all small bust posts! We deserve nice bras too. I can totally relate, as a former wearing 34AA and now 30C I can still remember the first time in a nice bra, looking in the mirror and thinking “omg is this MEEE????”
    and the bras are cute too <3

  4. Yes! A good fit is equally important for small busted ladies (I know from experience). I’m glad that recently I’ve seen more articles on this!
    And thanks for alerting me to a new lingerie company!

  5. I can’t believe how great her breasts look in those bras! I’m about the same size – 34/32A (though I’ve never been fitted) and I’ve never looked nice in a bra before.

    So many lingerie blogs are dedicated to women with larger breasts, so I often feel invisible when bloggers don’t showcase or talk about some of the challenges of being closer to flat-chested and still having to wear bras.

    So thanks for showcasing stuff for smaller breasted women. I hope you post more about this in the future.

  6. I agree that everyone should have a bra fitting. Wearing the wrong size bra causes problems, even for the slight figure. We have a bra fitting service spanning 42 years. We stock frame sizes from 28 up to 52 with some cup sizes starting at AAA and our largest at present is K cup. We cater for any age and any size. No customer leaves our premises without a consultation and a proper fitting. We encourage mums to bring their girls for a first bra and regular visits, then whatever size they grow, they will never acquire the droop.

  7. TLBC makes gorgeous bras, but they also endorse the +4 fitting method. Back when I was still kind of ignorant about my size, I tried three times to get a bra that fit from them. It didn’t click until I realized my 32 from them had a longer band than my old 30 band Freyas. They say they run small in the band, but in my experience, they run small in the cups and true in the band.

  8. Hey Just wanted to say, what a thoughtful and lovely post, Your’e bookmarked. I have sneaky feeling that LBC not unlike Maxclevage in the UK, for ant UK readers. Looking foward to reading some more posts when have a little more time.


  9. Thanks for highlighting Little Bra Company and the problems small women endure while trying to find bras! I am also a 30C in LBC- and for years I’d go to stores and they’d put me in 32A and 32Bs, which were always too big in the band size. Little Bra Company GETS IT that fit isn’t just about cup size – I’ve found that band size is the greatest factor in proper fit!

  10. Just wanted to add that Lepel does some nice bras for smaller sizes, they start at a 30A too. Especially the padded styles work well on smaller busts. Sadly no 28 bands. Other brands that are available in this size range are Ewa Michalak, OnlyHer and the bras by Change. Change is an international lingerie chain with most stores in Continental Europe and Canada, their bras start at 28A.

  11. This is all very well but I am a lady of more mature years with a broad back and small boobs. I actually need a size 40 A were such a thing to exist ! Any ideas?

  12. This article makes for interesting reading and I will certainly look at TLB however I noticed they don’t stock AA and AAA sizes. I have struggled immensely to find any where that makes these sizes on the high street (for women not girls) and the retailers I have found on-line seem to be fairly pricey?
    Has anyone else had the same issue or am I looking in all the wrong places?

  13. Can anyone (please, please) recommend a store in the UK where they sell 30C and 30D?? LBC shipping costs to Europe are so high.. Lovely post ladies, xxxx

  14. Hi it was suggested I try a 28B but cant find anywhere that stocks that size in the UK for a reasonable price and unfortunately shipping from the little bra company would cost more than i could afford. Any advice? x

  15. I haven’t looked back since I found the LBCs “Lucia” however unfortunately I’ve yet to find a UK Stockist. Importing from US is extremely expensive so unfortunately I currently pay through the nose for comfort. Love everything about LBC apart from lack of UK stockists. Please let’s hope us smaller ladies get that soon!!

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