The Big Bra Bar release their trial 26 bands

261 The Big Bra Bar release their trial 26 bands Invest In Your Chest

Experimental lingerie entrepreneur Nikki Hesford has released her 26 bands on The Big Bra Bar – as promised – in some trial sizes: 26FF, 26G and 26H.

Nikki said:

The introduction of 2wenty8 lingerie (28” DD-H cup) was hugely successful, it became apparent that there was very little on the market for 28” ladies. Although I had been asked for some time to introduce 26” I wanted to first see how the 28” would perform, at last I have agreed to trial the 26” back with a pilot scheme and its continuation will be dependent on the demand.

For all the ladies desperate for a 26 band, please vote with your wallets and get your hands on the gorgeous Loren set in Midnight – the style Nikki has chosen to trial the bras.

pixel The Big Bra Bar release their trial 26 bands Invest In Your Chest
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  1. I got a 26DD from them, and it didn’t fit unfortunately. The back was looser than some of my 28s and the cups were about two sizes too big. I asked them about this and they said they suspect they may have confused the factory when they asked for DD, FF, G and H cups, they may have made the DD more like an F, and that’s what it felt like. It’s such a shame I had to send it back because it’s a lovely bra.

  2. Hi, not sure if you caught Nikki on Dragons Den last Sunday pitching the bigbrabar? I have done a write up and caught up with her about her time in the Den. The post can be read here > would love your feedback

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