Getting to the Root of the Problem

I’m no fitting expert and have never claimed to be, but I’ve tried on a LOT of bras on both myself and other women and have developed quite an eye for what makes a ‘good’ bra for me and a lot of other women, and what doesn’t.

I have recently had a huge clear out of my lingerie wardrobe, first getting rid of the ones which are clearly not my size or that I’d fallen out of love with, but secondly I made myself try on everything that was left (admittedly still quite a fair pile – oops!) and only kept those that truly FELT amazing. Continue reading “Getting to the Root of the Problem”

Wide-set breast problems

Yesterday I was asked by a reader to help with her problem of wide set bottom-heavy breasts. I have the exact same problem and it can lead me to need to go up a cup size but have to endure ‘extra room’ at the top of the cups. Now I have a policy where if a bra doesn’t fit perfectly, I won’t buy it, but I know many women can have such a hard time finding bras that fit so difficult that it can feel frustrating and really quite demoralising.

I have a question relating to possible bra recommendations. Continue reading “Wide-set breast problems”