Parfait by Affinitas Exclusive Preview of Autumn/Winter 2015

Just when you thought our onslaught of Parfait love was over, we’ve got a first-glimpse look at their up-and-coming Autumn Winter range for 2015!

Pour Moi Amour Long Line Strapless: Bra Review

It’s not that often that I find a bra in my size that I find really sexy. I’m not actually that huge a fan of overly sexy lingerie and will rarely go out of my way to buy any, let alone wear any. I’m much more of a cute, pretty, glamorous, fun lingerie kind of  Read More

Cleo Lily Balconette: Bra Review

Cleo are, for me, a pretty failsafe brand and I tend to find that most of their items fit me pretty well (with quite a few achieving pretty impressive scores in their reviews!). It wasn’t until Cleo’s Meg got a pretty lacklustre 7/10 that I started to doubt in Cleo’s flawlessness. I was especially disappointed  Read More

Curvy Kate announce opening date of Star in a Bra competition: Thursday 23rd of February 2012

Word is finally out of the full-busted modelling competition of the year: Curvy Kate’s infamous Star in a Bra is back again! In case you missed it (just announced on their Facebook page), here is the key date to add to your calendar: You can enter and submit your photos from the 23rd of February  Read More

Simply Yours ‘Naturally Close’ and ‘Shapely Figures’ Strapless Bra Review

Last month I posted the exciting news that Simply Yours were going to tap into the plus size strapless bras market and were to release a strapless bra which goes all the way up to a K cup. With limited information released when I wrote this blog, I was not sure whether the bra would  Read More

Freya Active underwired sports bra: Bras for 28+ backs reviewed

This bra has really served me well: I’ve worn it on a charity fun run, for multiple gym trips and bike rides and has become somewhat of a staple in my collection. My first Freya Active was the underwired version and it has been a favourite from day one. It survived the gravel path and  Read More

Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak (also known as Effuniak) is a Polish brand which I have been curious about for a long while, but ordering from overseas as well as a lack of many reviews held me back, however when expert lingerie blogger Brittany over at Thin and Curvy reviewed them and gave a glowing review, I was  Read More

UK Lingerie Awards 2011: Who would win your vote?

The UK Lingerie Awards: think of them as the BAFTA’s or Oscars of the UK lingerie world, an award ceremony which celebrates innovation, design and forward-thinking flair and popularity of the current lingerie climate. (Always pretty humid if you ask me!)

Bra Chain charity world record attempt fast approaching: 31st July 2011! Supportive support

For those of you who haven’t heard of Bra Chain yet, listen up! They are a charity who are attempting a Guinness World Record of the longest bra chain in aid of Women’s Aid, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

Freya ‘Jolie’: Bra Review

Another bra I wear quite a lot is my purple ‘Jolie’ bra. Not the sexiest bra in my collection but is very practical, comfortable and gives a great shape.