Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2012 Season Review

We’re always so excited about new collection releases, and after the popularity of our Autumn/Winter 2011 round-up, we’ve got the latest offerings from Curvy Kate and I’m sure you’ll agree it looks set to be quite a treat!

Panache Masquerade ‘Persia’: Bra Review

I myself can’t really understand this, but looks wise this bra seems to be dividing opinions. It seems to be the bra form of Marmite, with people either being absolutely head over heels on love with it, or comparing it to a ‘bad 1970’s sofa’. I can’t quite decide where I stand with this one, and at first glance I was definitely in the ‘in love with it’ category, despite the set being very unlike my ‘usual’ taste.

Curvy Kate: Autumn/Winter 2011 season release round-up

Ever since we laid eyes on the Autumn/Winter 12 collection by Invest In Your Chest favourites Curvy Kate at Moda, we were in love. So we were super happy (see above for reference) to have the chance to showcase the lot.

Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012

Panache’s Press Event was an absolute pleasure to attend. All of their brands were extremely strong for the approaching season and all were outstandingly beautiful, original and luxe. Panache’s strength lies in their directional approach, strong visuals and  ‘niche’ collections: Masquerade for luxury, Cleo for fun, Superbra for beautiful everyday and all for fit.

Moda’s best bits: Panache collections S/S 2012 – fruity colours, luxe and flirty florals

Panache were a brand which stood out to me at last season’s Moda – with their pretty prints and unusual colour schemes. Once again, for me, Panache were a highlight of the exhibition, particularly their Cleo and Masquerade brands and their promising first sports bra.

Moda’s best bits: some serious boob-envy…

I came close to calling this blog posts ‘Moda’s worst bits’… simply because these beauties had a bittersweet effect on me. All of them a lust-have, but like the most haunting crushes, I’ve fallen for something (probably) unattainable. As a 28FF in general, I have my doubts that any of these will fit me, but hey, a girl can dream, right?