Behind the Scenes at The IIYC Parfait by Affinitas Shoot


Just imagine; it’s 6am, and you’re waking up on a freezing December morning – you can see your own breath in the room and the thought of leaving your duvet seems about as appealing as swimming with piranhas.

All Undone Launch Party

All Undone DiDi and Lola Sets

It’s pretty safe to say, that it’s not that often that Becky and I get REALLY excited about the launch of a new lingerie brand. It goes without saying (you only need to pop over to Becky’s Twitter page for about five seconds to prove it), we’re really rather excited about All Undone. Think all-Christmasses-at-once excited.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Leia Lingerie celebrate in style!

Our competition sponsors Leia Lingerie will be celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month by not only sponsoring the Invest In Your Chest birthday/Breast Cancer Awareness Month giveaway competition but also hosting fund and awareness raising events in their stores.

Vote for your favourite Aussie in Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra top 5

Curvy Kate’s incredibly popular Star in a Bra has gone down under and the top five has been released this morning! Five beautiful curvy girls all with their own different beautiful bust sizes, hair colours, sizes and shapes but all gorgeously Curvy Kates. The girls have been pampered and preened in true SIAB style with glossy locks, big smiles and proudly-displayed curves, all hoping for your vote to become crowned this year’s bra star.

Panache ask their customers about the demand for 26 bands

Invest In Your Chest favourites Panache have been championing the combination of a perfect fit with uncompromising style for years, even emblazoning the slogan ‘Panache love the fit’ over their advertising campaigns and often being one of the most accommodating brands when it comes to sizing diversity. Panache recently took their market research one step further by asking their customers if there really is a need for a sub-28 band bra.