Moda: Lingerie Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2014

Moda time is one of my favourite times of year. There’s nothing I love more than popping around the stalls and seeing what my favourite brands have to offer in the coming seasons – or even better – finding a new favourite brand to drool over! This year was no different, with a fair few ‘must haves’ from the likes of Gossard, Tutti Rouge, Freya, Panache and more. Warning: this season is not for the shy – I’ve put together a summary of some of the trends I spotted weaving their way through each of the collections, with neon bright shades, oriental, strong colours and bold florals making a strong statement.

Tutti Rouge AW13 Preview at Moda Exhibition


 ‘Betty’ in red Back in February (and yes, I realise it’s now May… I’ve been a bad, bad blogger!!) Becky and I attended the Moda Exhibition in Birmingham for the fifth time. It’s always one of the highlights of the UK lingerie calendar for me, as it’s a chance to catch up with some friendly faces and see what all my old favourite brands will have on offer in their next season’s collection – plus it’s a great chance to find new brands, too!

Cleo by Panache ‘Marcie’: Bra Review

I admit, I’ve had a bit of a bra blowout lately. Having recently donated a pile of old bras to friends and BCR Global Textiles, I thought it was about time to replenish my collection! Right at the very top of my list of favourites has got to be the delicious Cleo Marcie.

Moda Favourites: Ann Summers’ loss is Panache Lingerie’s gain…

When I was waddling around the Moda show yesterday with many a press pack in tow, I was delighted to see the stunning Lucy Moore – winner of Anne Summers Uncovered campaign – modelling not for Ann Summers, but the new Scultresse range from Panache.

Moda Favourites: Charnos and Lepel, plus a review of the Charnos ‘Isabelle’ Moulded Plunge Bra

Both of these LF Intimates brands really caught our eyes at the Show, and the lovely Francesca Walsh (their PR & Marketing girl – anyone seen her Moda posts on Lingerie Buyer?) was as lovely in the flesh as from behind the computer screen. The only bad thing about them is that their ranges usually only go up to a G so we know some of our readers can’t wear them, but for those of you lucky enough to fit into their size range they’re an absolutely top-notch lingerie set that we recommend very highly indeed. If any of you happen to have read Becky’s Lepel Fiore review on Brastop, then you’ll know how it’s one of her favourite bras of all time – so she was really keen to see more of their collections. They’re such a reliable fit as well as being high quality and simply stunning – so for 30-38 A-G cups, they’re another great choice. Charnos The Lingerie Buyer dollies hanging out on the Charnos stand

Moda Favourites: Panache Masquerade, Cleo and Superbra

Panache’s stand is one of the ones I look forward too seeing the most every season, partially due to their vast array of brands which suit all different occasions, but their Marketing Manager Heather is always so much fun!

Moda Favourites: Mimi Holiday by Damaris

I think I must have been living under a rock for the past year in a half as I’ve not come yet reviewed a Mimi Holiday bra on my blog, despite being pleasantly reminded at the Moda Exhibition last weekend that their size range is the very respectable 28-40 AA-GG. Similarly to Miss Mandalay, Mimi Holiday’s higher price point has been one of the main reasons I’ve admired from afar; they’re a little higher than the average student’s lingerie budget, averaging at £50 a bra on Simply Yours. Now I’ve found myself in one of those ever-elusive things called a job, I’ve started to expand my lingerie horizons to the slightly more expensive brands. And boy are they worth the extra pennies.

Moda Favourites: Miss Mandalay

Miss Mandalay are a brand that have always been on my radar, but as I’ve been a student until quite recently, I’ve found their higher price tag a bit out of my range, sticking to cheaper options like Freya, Curvy Kate and Ewa Michalak, but mainly scouring the likes of Brastop for the majority of my lingerie and waiting for the sales to snap up the sets I’ve been lusting after. Now that I’m fighting my way out of the beans-on-toast lifestyle of University, I’ve been turning my attention back onto the higher-end brands, and Miss Mandalay is there right at the top. At Moda, my curiosity was reignited for this brand which boast a phenomenal fit, simple yet delicate and gorgeous designs and some of the softest, most luxurious fabrics on the market. Their designs may be a lot more classic than some of my other favourite brands, but they do classic like none other.

IIYC Lingerie Favourites of the Year Awards 2011

So it’s the end of the year and it’s that time when we all can’t help but look back on 2011 and think of what we’ve done, learned and loved!

Curvy Kate: Autumn/Winter 2011 season release round-up

Ever since we laid eyes on the Autumn/Winter 12 collection by Invest In Your Chest favourites Curvy Kate at Moda, we were in love. So we were super happy (see above for reference) to have the chance to showcase the lot.