High Street Bra Fitting Challenge 2012

It’s fairly well documented on this blog that I’m pretty obsessed with lingerie (duh!). But it’s not all about pretty bows and eyelash lace – it’s so much more than that. I’m 100% in the ‘the perfect bra can change your life’ camp, and I’ll unashamedly and unapologetically chat all day long (or for two whole years to the interweb to anyone willing to read) about it.

One of the founding posts which helped chisel and shape this blog into what it is today was my High Street Fitting Challenge. Written on the 18th October, 2010, it’s to this day one of my most popular and talked about blog posts. And here’s why I think that is.

Most women in the UK – and across the World for that matter – hear about how important it is to go get fitted into your bras. We hear, probably every time we enter Marks & Spencer for our weekly dose of Percy Pigs, that ‘80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra’. But what about those of us who are ‘getting fitted’ but still not completely happy with how their lingerie fits and feels? Continue reading “High Street Bra Fitting Challenge 2012”

M&S ‘lingerie to suit your skin tone’ app

M&S suggest lingerie to suit your skin tone

British high street giant Marks and Spencer have introduced a ‘lingerie to suit your skin tone’ application on their website which suggests lingerie to suit different skin tones. Whilst this is something you can notice ‘oh that really suits her skin tone’ – I can’t say it is ever something which crosses my mind as I purchase in the same way as clothing. Continue reading “M&S ‘lingerie to suit your skin tone’ app”