Interview with Trisha Goddard – life, love, career, family, lingerie and health

Shopping for bras can be a nightmare for most of us DD+ ladies, but how about after fighting breast cancer? The market can be notoriously frumpy, unattractive, uncomfortable with little or no choice of styles or colours. I asked TV’s Trisha Goddard about her bad experiences with lingerie shopping with her small back size and DD+  Read More

The Search for the Best Sports Bra

For many people, sports bras are missing from their underwear drawer since they’re often (always) not that pretty to look at and not seen to be an essential item. I can understand this reasoning – why invest in the latest sports bra technology when you could get some pretty frillies instead? Article in the Daily  Read More

M&S ‘lingerie to suit your skin tone’ app

M&S suggest lingerie to suit your skin tone British high street giant Marks and Spencer have introduced a ‘lingerie to suit your skin tone’ application on their website which suggests lingerie to suit different skin tones. Whilst this is something you can notice ‘oh that really suits her skin tone’ – I can’t say it  Read More

M&S’s moment of madness as they launch ‘Mad Men’ style bra

Marks & Spencer have never been particularly well known on Invest in your Chest for their fitting… they got one of the lowest scores in my High Street Fitting Challenge, however this is perhaps an all-new low for the high street giant. If the model of the campaign has extra room (perhaps a handy storage  Read More

Breastimonials: Proud to be an A cup

Next up in the series is my friend Georgina. She wears a 36A but admits that she is unconvinced this is correct and is well overdue a fitting! Nonetheless she has a petite décolletage and is proud of it!