Freya ‘Ingrid’ Loungewear review

At this time of year you tend to hear a lot about what people intend to wear for their Christmas Eve night out/Christmas party/New Year’s Eve bash – but what about what you’re going to snuggle into on Christmas Eve to watch The Snowman? What you’re going to wake up in and run down to get (ahem, give) your presents and eat the biggest roast dinner of the whole year? It’s a tough job but one that was thankfully answered for me earlier this month in the form of a soft-as-kitten’s breath mini dressing gown and a pyjama set adorned with an entire flock of pretty pets. That’s right, it could only be the Ingrid Freya Lounge set. Continue reading “Freya ‘Ingrid’ Loungewear review”

Freya ‘Ingrid’: Bra Review

It’s been three whole seasons since I saw the Freya Ingrid at the Freya A/W 2011 Press Event in March last year, and it was one of my favourite prints of the entire season release. Needless to say I’ve been lusting after it ever since and waiting with bated breath to get my dirty mitts on it either as part of my Freya Fitting Talk allowance or by saving up my own pennies. Thankfully Freya gifted me this one as part of my Fitting Talk allocation (they’re bloody brilliant!) and whilst I love the support it gives, I’m a bit disappointed with the shape.

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