Contrary Kiwi: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Contrary Kiwi’s Emma is a real inspiration to me as her blog so completely her own, and she injects so much of her lifestyle and personality into it (something I’m really keen to work on for Invest In Your Chest!).

She’s got some great ‘outfit of the days’ which show off her wicked individual style, and sh shares her bra fitting woes, tips and tricks with with her funny, sensitive, raw and honest posts. I particularly love (and identify with!) her post on the philosophy of using Photoshop. Continue reading “Contrary Kiwi: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview”

Fussy Busty: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Hello and welcome back to Follow Fridays!

2012 was an incredible year in lingerie blogging, and for me the appearance of Fussy Busty was one of the biggest cherries on the 2012 cake. Her new perspective of being a larger plus sized, fuller figured and fuller busted woman is very unique, so her blog caters particularly well to that body type.

For the rest of us, it’s still an excellently provoking, informative and often very funny blog. A great read 🙂

Continue reading “Fussy Busty: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview”

The Lingerie Lesbian: Follow Friday Blogger Interview

The Lingerie Lesbian exploded onto the lingerie blogging scene earlier this year with her fresh perspective on all things lingerie, apparently limitless wit, exploration into gender issues (as well as chat about all things frilly) and her truly new voice within the blogging community. She takes a splash of luxury lingerie, a pinch of intelligently written social critique, true passion for lingerie and everything it connotes – and that’s what it takes to create TLL. Continue reading “The Lingerie Lesbian: Follow Friday Blogger Interview”

Boosaurus Follow Friday Blogger Interview

Today, Christine joins us from Boosaurus to tell us a little more about herself and her blog.

Boosaurus is a fab review and bra feature blog, with plenty of balanced, no-nonsense reviews from the likes of booby-friendly fashion items to tips and tricks to shopping online. As a 28H living in the US, she certainly has some experience in hunting around for a good bra! Continue reading “Boosaurus Follow Friday Blogger Interview”

Eternal*Voyageur: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Hello and welcome to my new mini-series! I hope it will introduce you to some new bloggers to read, and a whole wealth of fabulous information at your fingertips!

This might be partially due to the fact I’m a blogger myself, but when I read a blog, I find myself interested in the person behind the URL. So now I’ll be introducing you to the ladies behind some of the lingerie blogs that I read, with old and new faces who are as passionate about lingerie as I am!

First up is lingerie, lifestyle and beauty blogger, Eternal*Voyageur. Continue reading “Eternal*Voyageur: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview”