Freya Lingerie search for their next Blog Star!

Invest in Your Chest favourites Freya have announced the re-launched of their amazing ‘Blog Star’ competition, to find the next contributor for their blog Fitting Talk.

Launched today on the Freya website, their ‘Blog Star’ competition has returned to offer bloggers as well as lingerie and fashion enthusiasts the chance to join the Freya blog panel. Continue reading “Freya Lingerie search for their next Blog Star!”

Interview with Beckie Williams, author of the Busts4Justice blog

I’ve been a long-standing fan of Busts 4 Justice since their epic battle against tit-tax back in 2007, and the fabulous Busts 4 Justice blog has kept me hooked ever since. Author Beckie Williams writes topical,interesting (and sometimes controversial!) posts about the joys and faux pas’ of The Lingerie World. Her sparkling wit and talent to spot a great story has often engaged me and left me thinking, her charming way with words and delightful anecdotes (anyone else fancy a ride on Cecil?!) has kept me going back to the ‘B4J’ blog time and time again, but recently, I left feeling dismayed. Continue reading “Interview with Beckie Williams, author of the Busts4Justice blog”

Freya ‘Ingrid’: Bra Review

It’s been three whole seasons since I saw the Freya Ingrid at the Freya A/W 2011 Press Event in March last year, and it was one of my favourite prints of the entire season release. Needless to say I’ve been lusting after it ever since and waiting with bated breath to get my dirty mitts on it either as part of my Freya Fitting Talk allowance or by saving up my own pennies. Thankfully Freya gifted me this one as part of my Fitting Talk allocation (they’re bloody brilliant!) and whilst I love the support it gives, I’m a bit disappointed with the shape.

Continue reading “Freya ‘Ingrid’: Bra Review”

Freya search for ‘blog star’

Eveden’s Freya lingerie recently launched their Facebook competition searching for a ‘blog star’ to join their new team of expert bloggers. The competition will consist of a two-part competition via a custom-built tab on their Facebook page. For the first stage, Freya fans are invited to say when they first fell in love with Freya, either by submitting a 30 second video or by responding in up to 40 words. Continue reading “Freya search for ‘blog star’”