Claudette ‘Neon Dessous’: Lingerie Review and Twitter Giveaway

Claudette have, quite literally, burst on to the sceneĀ  following the release of their ‘Neon Dessous’ collection.

With a loyal following from top blogger The Lingerie Addict for what seems like forever, I recall seeing the brand on her blog and falling in love with the simple yet effective design in those gorgeous acid bright colours. The brand even made her ‘Favorite Lingerie Brands of 2011‘ list. Quite a feat indeed! Continue reading “Claudette ‘Neon Dessous’: Lingerie Review and Twitter Giveaway”

Freya ‘Pixie’: Bra Review

Remember me? Sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA over the past few weeks, I’ve been a bit busy and lost my camera – found in my pesky messy car – and am now back with a vengeance with a fair few bra reviews and clothing posts. Have you missed me? Nah didn’t think so…

Anyway, today’s review is a corker. After a bit of a fail with the balcony version of Freya’s Elize, I decided to give another one of my Freya crushes a try – this time the delightful Pixie. Continue reading “Freya ‘Pixie’: Bra Review”

Figleaves launch new SaveMe4Later app and release their Christmas collection

One of our favourite luxury online lingerie retailers Figleaves has teamed up with the whizz kids at SaveMe4Later, creating the first interactive advertising campaign featuring Figleaves’ products on adverts in the London Underground, set to launch tommorow, Monday 28th November 2011.

SaveMe4Later introduces its complicated and very impressive techno-savvy technology which uses phone scanners on the underground via an offline saving capability. Continue reading “Figleaves launch new SaveMe4Later app and release their Christmas collection”

Masquerade by Panache’s ‘Rosa’: Bra Review

First of all, can I just say: how pretty is this print?! This is a bra set that I’ve had my eye on since the MODA Exhibition earlier this year. It is a set which really stuck out and was one I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on. I’m always wary on plunge bras as I seem to be a bit of an anomaly as I find balconette bras suit my shape much better and more often than not there is a misalignment that no amount of size switching can banish.

In the case of the Panache Rosa, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “Masquerade by Panache’s ‘Rosa’: Bra Review”