Ewa Michalak Revisited

I was very excited to try lingerie brand Ewa Michalak after hearing great things on forums and on the Thin and Curvy blog, as I’m always excited to try new brands which offer a 28 band (and even below in the case of Ewa Michalak!) I ordered a fair few bras back in June, all in a 65F as Ewa’s bras are all sold in ‘European sizes’. Some people have been confused about which size to buy and I must admit I was one of them.

Ewa Michalak ‘CH Onyx’: Bra Review

Onyx, 65F ‘Black padded halfcup bra. Push up pads and 3 pairs of removable shoulder straps.’ 129.00zł This bra was one of my favourites from my Ewa Michalak haul but was also the one which I felt needed the most to be a band size down. I ordered 65F in all the bras I purchased from them as this is the smallest back size available which can still be returned. In the ‘Onyx’ I feel like I definitely need a 60FF as the back band is much stretchier and looser than any of the other styles I tried. I will be returning this bra in exchange for a 60FF, however you can still see from the images of the 65F that this bra is simply stunning.

Ewa Michalak ‘HP Koralik’: Bra Review

Koralik, 65F ‘Padded halfcup bra.’ 109.00zł This bra is absolutely stunning and I love the colour of it. Fits wonderfully around the cups and back, my only gripe with it is the minuscule straps which weren’t painful or cutting but were certainly a bit irritating. Even though the straps should only take about 10% of the breast weight, I still feel like I need the straps to be a bit bigger to hold up the girls comfortably.

Ewa Michalak ‘HP Halfek’: Bra Review

Halfek Miłość, 65F ‘Soft halfcup bra in black and burgundy.’ 120.00zł Available in a few different colours (burgundy, emerald and violet) I went for my favourite red as well as the purple since Brittany over at Thin and Curvy chose the emerald in her Ewa Michalak review.

Ewa Michalak ‘PL Cieluś’: Bra Review

Cieluś, 65F ‘Padded plunge bra in nude.’ 119.00zł This one I picked out as it looked like the perfect basic nude plunge bra. The detail along the upper part of the cup adds a little bit of something to what would otherwise be a fairly plain bra, however any girl knows the place for the perfect nude plunge (think t-shirts, the white work shirt, sheer tops, etc.) This bra seems like the plunge I have been waiting for.

Ewa Michalak ‘PL Black’: Bra Review

Black, 65F 120.00zł I’m a huge fan of black lace over a nude underlay so this was a must-try for me. The site simply describes the bra as a ‘padded plunge bra in black’, and it should be updated to ‘the best bra ever’!

Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak (also known as Effuniak) is a Polish brand which I have been curious about for a long while, but ordering from overseas as well as a lack of many reviews held me back, however when expert lingerie blogger Brittany over at Thin and Curvy reviewed them and gave a glowing review, I was finally persuaded to give them a go.