Help! My Boobs Have Shrunk

Lepel Iris Bra in Rose Soft

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my incessant mentions of My Fitness Pal and going to the gym more often than I go to the bathroom. I’ve been following this updated gym routine since January (I know, a New Year’s Resolution that I’ve actually stuck to for longer than 2 weeks!), and I’m pretty chuffed to have dropped a dress size and lost 9kg in just three months.

All I Want for Valentine’s Day

Image source: Lingerie gifts have gone hand in hand with Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember, as couples (and singletons for that matter!) indulge in the theatre of a ‘sexy’ lingerie set. Whereas I’m all for adopting this ‘on the daily’ if that’s your bag, but I do still, admittedly, still love looking around at the collections that are released in the lead up to this time of year as companies target the ‘gifting’ season. of Christmas and V-day. I decided to indulge myself and put some of my top picks in a blog post, as my bank account is bare and I’m unable to indulge in any other way. It’s like the blogger’s equivalent of ‘bagging‘. So what would I like to receive on the 14th of February this year?

Student’s Guide to Bra Buying: Quality Bras for Less

Freya Ooh La La Body in Black

When it comes to buying bras, or anything for that matter, I’m what can only be described as a ‘massive bargain hunter’. It’s extremely rare that I’ll buy anything full price, and my lingerie addiction rarely evades this philosophy. The good news is there are so so so many options for frugal frillies – so for those of you waiting on payday or your student loan, you needn’t wait to kit out your top drawer!

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Getting to the Root of the Problem

I’m no fitting expert and have never claimed to be, but I’ve tried on a LOT of bras on both myself and other women and have developed quite an eye for what makes a ‘good’ bra for me and a lot of other women, and what doesn’t. I have recently had a huge clear out of my lingerie wardrobe, first getting rid of the ones which are clearly not my size or that I’d fallen out of love with, but secondly I made myself try on everything that was left (admittedly still quite a fair pile – oops!) and only kept those that truly FELT amazing.

Moda Trend Report

Moda is without question the event in the UK lingerie calendar year. It is (unless you have the time and money to fly yourself to Paris, Vegas or New York for the Salon de la Lingerie or Curve exhibitions) the first place to see the upcoming trends and collections from your favourite big brands. This season’s Moda did not disappoint, with some really fantastic sets and collections from the likes of Freya, Cleo by Panache, Masquerade, Mimi Holiday, Miss Mandalay, Curvy Kate and Charnos being some of my personal favourites. We’re really in for a treat for Autumn/Winter 2012, and I thought I’d share with you some of the recurring trends and top picks from the full bust category. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Cleo by Panache ‘Juna’: Bra Review

Me in the 28FF, wishing for a little more coverage… Panache’s Cleo collection is a brand that I have always admired from afar but rarely actually committed to. Their George bra in purple was the first bra I was ever fitted into in Bravissimo and it was one of my favourites until my breast tissue migrated from under my armpits and onto the front of my chest… giving me a better shaped bust but making my favourite bra obsolete. Ah the perils of wearing the right bra size!

Cleo by Panache ‘Sasha’: Bra Review

I have to warn anyone who reads this post – there is a high chance I will sound like a woman possessed when I talk about this bra. I’ve tried to play it casual, but I just can’t do it…I LOVE this bra, and Sasha is her name. Like so many of the sets that end up on my ever-expanding wish list, I first spied the Sadie at Moda back in February. Even though I adore the Cleo collection by Panache, everything else faded into the background, cupids and small birds began to flutter around me, and a light glow seemed to emanate around this bra.

Moda 2011, New collections which stood out: Panache and Cleo

Here are some of my favourite bras from the Cleo at Panache Autumn/Winter collection. The Panache collection was definately one of my favourites of the whole show, with beautiful colour schemes and a decent array of sizes.

Panache Superbra: Tango II, Plunge vs. Balconette

I am a big fan of Panache, in particular their young and fun collection ‘Cleo’, which I have been wearing for years. Their unashamedly functional best-seller the Tango keeps being re-released in different colours as well as the typical permanent collection of black, white and nude. I have never felt particularly drawn to them as they are a bit plain and, well, functional for me… I like to have a bit of fun with my underwear, but I decided to give their two varieties; plunge and balconette, a try. I know the shape of bras is as individual a preference as the person wearing them, but I am just giving my personal opinion.