Lingerie Blog Faves: 10 Of My Favourite Bra Bloggers

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I’ve been lucky enough to be included in some posts like this recently, and I find they’re one of the best ways of finding new blogs to read. Recommendations of new bloggers from bloggers you read. Simple, right? Well in theory, yes, but since I read SO MANY blogs of all different kinds and genres, my list would probably break the internet.

Interview with Beckie Williams, author of the Busts4Justice blog

I’ve been a long-standing fan of Busts 4 Justice since their epic battle against tit-tax back in 2007, and the fabulous Busts 4 Justice blog has kept me hooked ever since. Author Beckie Williams writes topical,interesting (and sometimes controversial!) posts about the joys and faux pas’ of The Lingerie World. Her sparkling wit and talent to spot a great story has often engaged me and left me thinking, her charming way with words and delightful anecdotes (anyone else fancy a ride on Cecil?!) has kept me going back to the ‘B4J’ blog time and time again, but recently, I left feeling dismayed.

Freya ‘Lyla’: Bra Review

Now, one little surprise I just wasn’t expecting at the recent Eveden event was to be fitted into a set, and sent on my way with it. Lets face it, we all like a freebie now and again, especially when you’re not expecting it.

Parfait by Affinitas: ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Honey’: Bra Review

When Cheryl mentioned Affinitas to me, I was on their website creating a mental wish list before she’d stopped talking, because really there’s nothing more exciting than a new lingerie brand.

Playtex Focus Group

Myself with fellow blogger Georgina Horne Last week, Playtex hosted ann ‘online fitting tool’ focus group meeting, inviting customers to come discuss their online fitting tool widget which they previously had on their website After quite an epic blog/Twitter rally coined ‘The War on Plus Four’ which highlighted the shortcomings of the industry standard ‘plus four’ fitting method by a cluster of lingerie bloggers, the Playtex meeting was initiated by a ‘strongly-worded blog post’ by Beckie Williams on the Busts 4 Justice blog about the shortfalls of their fitting tool which declared her 30G bust (with the use of a tape measure and a magic formula) a 34E.

Simply Yours: A Fitting Response – Thrown in for good Measure

Now that I’ve established Simply Yours many many positive attributes as a brand, perhaps it would be good to note some of the controversy which has been surrounding them of late. In a review of the fitting services of online retailers back in November, I scored Simply Yours a 6/10 and achieved a 30F measurement from their bra size calculator. Now, only a few short months later, the brand are facing a back lash against their measuring system and I come out a 32DD/E according to their since ‘updated’ site.

Kush Review: Sleeping Comfort for Big Boobs

When you first see a Kush, you’re probably thinking ‘what on earth is that’? You wouldn’t be the first, as I too was just like that. To me, it looked like some kind of elaborate Tupperware. So what is Kush?

28 bands – maybe not such a myth after all?

Over in the Invest In Your Chest Forum (website section now deleted), we have been discussing the importance of bras which not only fit correctly but suit your bust shape. We found, as petite-backed girls, we are hardly spoilt for choice when it comes to different styles and shapes… and the recent Busts4Justice article I tweeted and posted about gave fuel to our fire. Busts4Justice co-founder Beckie Williams explored the idea that the demand for 28-30 backs is being ignored or underestimated, a concept that I (and the girls of the forum) agree with whole-heartedly.