Help! My Boobs Have Shrunk

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my incessant mentions of My Fitness Pal and going to the gym more often than I go to the bathroom.

Student’s Guide to Bra Buying: Quality Bras for Less

When it comes to buying bras, or anything for that matter, I’m what can only be described as a ‘massive bargain hunter’. It’s extremely rare that I’ll buy anything full price, and my lingerie addiction rarely evades this philosophy. The good news is there are so so so many options for frugal frillies – so  Read More

Could you be the next Brastop blogger?

Brastop have had some good news recently, has their blog hit an incredible ONE MILLION views – that’s impressive by anyone’s standards. And how are they celebrating? They’re looking for a new blogger…

The War on Plus Four: Calculation vs. Education

This week two seperate fitting guides were released on two major lingerie sites but oh my, what a difference there is!

The Curvy Kate ‘Tempt Me’: Bra Review

The Tempt Me is a set from Curvy Kate which I’ve always kept a wide berth of as some regular readers may know I don’t have much luck with deep ‘V’ plunge bras for one reason or another. I bought the Tempt Me a good few months ago in my usual 28FF which I found  Read More

Flirtelle Basics: Bra Review

Flirtelle is a brand which I’ve always been aware of but never really felt the need to investigate until now. Now I finally have a ‘real job’ which doesn’t involve a hideous uniform or plastic fleece pullover which makes pretty underwear redundant but wearable (you have to wear something nice under those generic, personality draining  Read More launch ‘Model of the Month’ have recently announced their new modelling comp ‘Model of the Month’ so to find out a bit more I caught up with Brastop blogger Chloe Stanfield to chat all things bras and Brastop…

Curvy Kate Showgirl: Thrill Me and Tease Me Bra Reviews

Brastop have recently added loads more of the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection to their stock, so I thought what better time to review their two best sellers, the Thrill Me and the Tease Me. This is a collection that I have been eager to try for a long time, after trying an old-style Thrill Me  Read More

Freya ‘Nadia’: Bra Review

Freya were one of my first loves when it comes to 28-backed bras as they were the first brand that Bravissimo fitted me into and some of the first bras that I really felt ‘right’ in. My favourite set was the ‘Mimi’ in petal pink, which I have unfortunately long-since outgrown.