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It goes without saying that some of the main focuses of this blog are the ‘problems’ faced by larger busted women when shopping for lingerie. This is a problem that I as a 30FF know all too well, and that women with even bigger boobs know even better. What’s worth noting, however, are the problems faced by smaller busted women. Many are just as troubled by poor fitting services, resulting in badly fitted bras, but are made to feel like bra fitting ‘isn’t as important’ for smaller boobs. I’m here today to contest that.

Butterfly Collection: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

I have a list of favourite bra bloggers as long as my arm, but Butterly Collection’s is by far one of my favourites. With such a positive message coming out of every post and a wealth of information, I always make sure I stop by and follow her Twitter like a hawk! I’ve been following Claire Dumican (now Syrenne!) and her store Butterfly Collection for a while now and actually interviewed her back in October 2011. It’s been great to see her business grow since then and I always forward Canadian readers her way as I know they’ll be in good hands!

Braless in Brasil: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Next up in today’s Follow Fridays interview series is the delightful June from Braless in Brasil – one of my go-to blogs for bra problem solving, in-depth information and intellectual opinions on the world of bras – yes, there really is such a thing. June’s blog really is wealth of information. Each of her posts are jam-packed full of text, but it’s always well worth reading and I always learn something every time I stop by. Plus, June is currently pregnant so her recent extra twist of maternity information is really worth checking out if you’re expecting.

High Street Bra Fitting Challenge 2012

It’s fairly well documented on this blog that I’m pretty obsessed with lingerie (duh!). But it’s not all about pretty bows and eyelash lace – it’s so much more than that. I’m 100% in the ‘the perfect bra can change your life’ camp, and I’ll unashamedly and unapologetically chat all day long (or for two whole years to the interweb to anyone willing to read) about it. One of the founding posts which helped chisel and shape this blog into what it is today was my High Street Fitting Challenge. Written on the 18th October, 2010, it’s to this day one of my most popular and talked about blog posts. And here’s why I think that is. Most women in the UK – and across the World for that matter – hear about how important it is to go get fitted into your bras. We hear, probably every time we enter Marks & Spencer for our weekly dose of Percy Pigs, that ‘80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra’. But what about those of us who are ‘getting fitted’ but still not completely happy with how their lingerie fits and feels?

Gossard Glossies: Bra Review

Ever since I clocked this new release from Gossard on the Daily Mail, I’ve had my back up at their outlandish claims that: ‘Historically bigger sizes have been based on the smaller sizes, but have sacrificed style to deliver the much-needed support.’ So in response they give us this? Am I the only one who thinks it’s the world’s ugliest bra?!

Boux Avenue Bra Fitting Review: ‘Boux Hoo’

After what seems like an eternity, ever since Boux Avenue’s launch just over a year ago, we’ve been desperate to test out their fitting service, and see if they’d join an already overbrimming plethora of high street shops doing , quite frankly, a crap job.

The War on Plus Four: The Dark Figure

‘The Dark Figure’ is a term normally used to describe unreported crimes, statistics and something unexplained and unknown which is ‘hidden below the surface’ like an iceberg. This, in my opinion, is a perfect analogy for lingerie fitting not only in this country but Worldwide. The ‘average statistics’ of women in the U.K seems to vary around a 36C, something which I would readily contest, as in my experience of bra fitting most women need at least one band size down and one cup size up.

30k Giveaway Winner: Sarah Collins discusses size discrepancy between brands

Sizing Discrepancies: The tale of a girl who doesn’t know what size she is. Sizing discrepancies between brands, or even between ranges within a single brand, can leave you feeling confused and make the bra trying-and-buying process almost hellish. With the sub-32 band and D+ market well established on the net with outlets such as Brastop and Leia Lingerie, things can get even more daunting with the thought of having to buy several bras simply to send some, if not all, of them back because they’re the wrong size. So, as a girl who has no idea what her actual size is (I thought I was a 32F until about 6 months ago when I got measured properly in Bravissimo- I now own and wear 28/30 F/FF/G and in some brands could easily go up to a GG/H), I’d like to show you that you’re not alone when it comes to utter sizing confusion, and hopefully shed some light on how various brands tend to fit in relation to your ‘true size’ (if, unlike me, you actually know what it is!).