Gok Wan at Simply Yours ‘Osaka’ body: Bra Review

Well it’s not strictly a bra, although it does also come as a standard lingerie set! So as this blog post goes live, Cheryl (the birthday girl!) will be joining some other wonderful lingerie bloggers at a breakfast to launch a new collection from Simply Yours with the man himself, Gok Wan.

Cleo by Panache ‘Sasha’: Bra Review

I have to warn anyone who reads this post – there is a high chance I will sound like a woman possessed when I talk about this bra. I’ve tried to play it casual, but I just can’t do it…I LOVE this bra, and Sasha is her name.

Something not quite lingerie related…

Once in a blue moon do we feature something not associated with the world of lingerie, and it does have to be something very special. But this time, it’s for charity, and something we both took part in, so it deserves a mention. Plus, I got in my smalls to help promote the cause, so  Read More

Freya ‘Lyla’: Bra Review

Now, one little surprise I just wasn’t expecting at the recent Eveden event was to be fitted into a set, and sent on my way with it. Lets face it, we all like a freebie now and again, especially when you’re not expecting it.

Parfait by Affinitas: ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Honey’: Bra Review

When Cheryl mentioned Affinitas to me, I was on their website creating a mental wish list before she’d stopped talking, because really there’s nothing more exciting than a new lingerie brand.

Kush Review: Sleeping Comfort for Big Boobs

When you first see a Kush, you’re probably thinking ‘what on earth is that’? You wouldn’t be the first, as I too was just like that. To me, it looked like some kind of elaborate Tupperware. So what is Kush?

Freya ‘Loretta’: Bra Review

Ever since Freya’s Spring/Summer range was released for preview on Lingerie Buyer’s website what seems like forever ago, I have had my eye on the Loretta. A bra which combines beautiful fit and shape, practicality and support seamlessly with beautiful design – something I’ve come to expect from Freya. It is right up my street  Read More