Cleo by Panache ‘Sadie’ long-line: Bra Review

And for the final longline set I tested, please make way for the Sadie by Cleo, the ‘little sister’ in the Panache family.

I’ve been a Panache fan for years now, ever since I bought my first Tango and discovered just how life changing a well fitting bra could be. But Cleo is probably my favourite because season after season it comes out with the most amazing prints and colour that I can’t stop myself from loving. This autumn/winter was no different, and nestled amongst the pinks, purples and oranges was the Sadie. Continue reading “Cleo by Panache ‘Sadie’ long-line: Bra Review”

30k Giveaway Winner: Sarah Collins discusses size discrepancy between brands

Sizing Discrepancies: The tale of a girl who doesn’t know what size she is.

Sizing discrepancies between brands, or even between ranges within a single brand, can leave you feeling confused and make the bra trying-and-buying process almost hellish. With the sub-32 band and D+ market well established on the net with outlets such as Brastop and Leia Lingerie, things can get even more daunting with the thought of having to buy several bras simply to send some, if not all, of them back because they’re the wrong size. Continue reading “30k Giveaway Winner: Sarah Collins discusses size discrepancy between brands”