Cleo by Panache ‘Melissa’: Bra Review

Since the sun is shining and it’s SUCH a beautiful day here in the UK (that’s right folks, not a cloudy in the sky here in Blighty!), I was rummaging around in my ‘to review’ pile (some delights and some disasters in there let’s put it that way) and thought – now’s not the time  Read More

Tutti Rouge Liliana: Bra Review

Ask and you shall get, readers! After a quick poll on my Twitter and Facebook pages, a few of you said you’d next like to see my review of the Tutti Rouge Liliana next. I’m smashing out the reviews this week; making up for lost time and I’ve got so many sets to show you!

Cleo by Panache Meg: Bra Review

If you read my Moda favourites post back in March about my favourite offerings from Panache, you’ll have spotted how smitten I was with Cleo by Panache’s stunning ‘Meg’ set.

Curvy Kate ‘Fleurty’: Bra Review

Continuing on from our Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2012 round-up we review the newest addition to the Curvy Kate family – and one that we’ve been SO terribly excited about – the Fleurty!

Freya ‘Daphne’: Bra Review

Regular readers will know of my die hard Freya addiction, so it may not come as much as a surprise to hear that I was eagerly awaiting their latest collection. I’ve been blogging about bras for the best part of eighteen months, and the company that started out as my favourite and the best fit  Read More

Panache Masquerade ‘Capella’: Bra Review

You may have seen this set in my Valentine’s full bust gift guide post, but here it is in it’s full glory in the flesh. You got it – the Panache Capella. Since spying this beauty at the Panache Spring/Summer 2012 press event I’ve found it very hard to concentrate on anything other than champagne  Read More

Cleo by Panache ‘Sadie’ long-line: Bra Review

And for the final longline set I tested, please make way for the Sadie by Cleo, the ‘little sister’ in the Panache family. I’ve been a Panache fan for years now, ever since I bought my first Tango and discovered just how life changing a well fitting bra could be. But Cleo is probably my  Read More

Cleo by Panache ‘Sasha’: Bra Review

I have to warn anyone who reads this post – there is a high chance I will sound like a woman possessed when I talk about this bra. I’ve tried to play it casual, but I just can’t do it…I LOVE this bra, and Sasha is her name.

Freya ‘Lacey’: Bra Review

As I’ve said many a time, I’m usually attracted to bright flashy colours and patterns like a moth to a flame. It’s not very often that I buy a plain or nude bra let alone WANT to buy a nude bra, but the Freya Lacey was a rarer-than-hen’s teeth exception. I also have trouble finding  Read More

The Curvy Kate ‘Tempt Me’: Bra Review

The Tempt Me is a set from Curvy Kate which I’ve always kept a wide berth of as some regular readers may know I don’t have much luck with deep ‘V’ plunge bras for one reason or another. I bought the Tempt Me a good few months ago in my usual 28FF which I found  Read More