The Curvy Kate ‘Tempt Me’: Bra Review

The Tempt Me is a set from Curvy Kate which I’ve always kept a wide berth of as some regular readers may know I don’t have much luck with deep ‘V’ plunge bras for one reason or another. I bought the Tempt Me a good few months ago in my usual 28FF which I found to be ridiculously small in the cups for me and a bit of a weird shape. After reading blogs from the likes of Amoire de Nuit who found that going down a band size and up THREE cup sizes the Tempt Me fit perfectly, still with ample fun and flirty cleavage. I followed this recipe as much as I could and bought  myself a 28GG from Brastop. Continue reading “The Curvy Kate ‘Tempt Me’: Bra Review”

Masquerade by Panache’s ‘Rosa’: Bra Review

First of all, can I just say: how pretty is this print?! This is a bra set that I’ve had my eye on since the MODA Exhibition earlier this year. It is a set which really stuck out and was one I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on. I’m always wary on plunge bras as I seem to be a bit of an anomaly as I find balconette bras suit my shape much better and more often than not there is a misalignment that no amount of size switching can banish.

In the case of the Panache Rosa, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “Masquerade by Panache’s ‘Rosa’: Bra Review”

Freya Deco: Bra Review

After meeting some friends last night and the topic of my blog came up for discussion, i was made aware of the fact that I haven’t even done a review of what is (probably) the most loved Freya bras of all time: the Freya Deco!

It may come as a surprise to many that despite this bra being one of Eveden’s best-sellers and a favourite with many full-busted bloggers and girls on forums internet-wide, for me it’s not a good bra.

Continue reading “Freya Deco: Bra Review”

Swimwear picks for 2011

I am a bit of a bikini addict. I love swimsuits on other people but I’m definitely more comfortable in a bikini. I purchased the beautiful Panache Monroe swimsuit from for a bargainous £35 in the sale, however I couldn’t get myself out of my swimwear-shaped rut.

So, after a few swimwear reviews, I thought I would show you exactly what I will be wearing on the beach and on holiday this year. As a resident of Bournemouth on the beautiful south coast of England, I am a regular frequenter of the seaside (even if it still is a little chilly!). Continue reading “Swimwear picks for 2011”

Curvy Kate Showgirl: Thrill Me and Tease Me Bra Reviews

Brastop have recently added loads more of the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection to their stock, so I thought what better time to review their two best sellers, the Thrill Me and the Tease Me. This is a collection that I have been eager to try for a long time, after trying an old-style Thrill Me about a year ago and hearing about their change of manufacturer. I wasn’t overly ‘thrilled’ with the old style but these new ones are absolutely beautiful. They have improved the fit, fabrics, embellishment and they now have the luxurious feeling that was missing from the old style. Continue reading “Curvy Kate Showgirl: Thrill Me and Tease Me Bra Reviews”

Curvy Kate ‘Emily’: Bra Review

Next up in the review series is the Curvy Kate ‘Emily’ bra which is a great bra both as an every day bra and in the boudoir.

As you can see both the colours I have are are stunning – I can’t choose which is my favourite. One of the best things about this bra is the vast colour range – from blacks, nudes, whites for practical yet pretty to bright and jazzy colours to brighten up your look. Continue reading “Curvy Kate ‘Emily’: Bra Review”

Masquerade ‘Rhea’: Bra Review

Yesterday during my little trip to Bravissimo I decided to get fitted as it has been a while. Although my size didn’t really change per-se, I did get to try some gorgeous new sets from their latest range. The one which caught my eye in particular was the simply STUNNING Rhea bra from Masquerade.

My lovely fitter put me in a 28G in this style, and it was the most divine fit I have experienced for a long time. The shape, the style, the size felt great – if not a little tighter than I’d usually like – but shape wise it felt like this bra was made for me. Continue reading “Masquerade ‘Rhea’: Bra Review”