Slinky Dip eenie-weenie polka-dot bikini review

Following from my recent interview with lingerie businesswoman and social media entrepreneur Nikki Hesford, I have tried and tested her first product from the launch of her brand-spanking-new range of swimwear, Slinky Dip.

The first product from the range is the stunning polka dot bikini – a halter-neck tie bikini with stunning 50’s pin-up style and the classic white polka dot and navy blue fabric. The fabric is very high quality, made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex for a clingy fit and long-lasting wash-ability. The material is soft and malleable, stretchy yet retains shape after wash and wear.

The bikini itself is very pretty and as aforementioned is a beautiful classic style. I received a 28-32 F-G cup initially and found it far far too big so exchanged for a D-E cup which was a much better fit. I think the sizes are a tad ambiguous with this line and a lack of size testing has led to a bit of consensus in size inaccuracies. Now that I have one which fits, however, I must say I really really love it.

As a 28FF, I don’t really need all that much structural support in a bikini (unless I am planning on beach volleyball or running around Baywatch style) and for a fairly lazy day at the beach I think this is perfect. Not something I would wear for a hardcore swimming workout or a water park, but I definitely feel like I could flirt myself into a free ice cream on a hot summers evening in this one! The cups for me in a D-E fit near-on perfectly – fully encasing my boobs without the wrinkling or spare room that the F-G had. The halterneck style is flattering and for someone who doesn’t have much more than a generous handful of boob as it doesn’t have too much weight hanging from the neck. The briefs are small but surprisingly flattering – the tie sides making the sizing adjustable as well as being a cute touch – so long as no pranksters pull the strings…

The only problem which has been encountered by a few bloggers and reviewers online is the lack of wiring leads to this style being a bit precarious for a G+ bust. I put this theory to the test by getting some 30G and 30HH friends to try the larger size bikini (Slinky Dip 28-32 F-G) and give their feedback.


There’s no doubting that the polka dot halter is a beautiful set, it looks and feels amazing, however as an active G cup I’d perhaps be a little careful on my local beach. Fit wise I feel 100% covered, no worries of a nipple slip, but because of the lack of wires I think I’d be a little uneasy doing too much in it.
It’s got great coverage as the cups and the tie backs offer the wearer the option of a modest or impressive cleavage which is great, and it looks absolutely amazing on – very flattering on a curvy figure, you’re sure to get a few stares in this. It feels retro inspired, so I’m instantly smitten.
I do love this Slinky Dip bikini but perhaps I’d stick to lounging by the pool in it over a game of frisbee, as the website suggests. Personally I find it gives a bit more support than your average string bikini with a hell of a lot more coverage and whilst I’m more of a fan of an under wire style to match my beach activities, this bikini is a looker to say the least and I’d be more than happy to wear it for a bit of sunbathing.


As a 30HH I find it really difficult to find a bra that not only I enjoy wearing and like the look of, but one which comes in my size and gives me the coverage I need. This Slinky Dip, whilst not giving the best support I’ve ever had (I really need underwires for the support my bust needs) I feel for a spot of sunbathing and lazy summer evenings it is a great option for me.
The cups (despite the fact that the one I tried was a F-G cup) were large enough to comfortably fit my HH’s (leading me to believe the sizing is a bit too generous label wise) and I would definitely stick to the F-G for myself for a bit of security. That said, the cups are very wide and go all the way under the armpit which for me is good as it prevents the side-boob slippage that a wire-free bikini can make. Looking forward to the up-and-coming wired Slinky Dip bikinis, especially for the larger bust, as despite this one being really pretty I don’t feel I could do much more than sunbathe and light activity without potential accidents, and the halter-neck style means that lots of the weight of my boobs is being held up by the knot at the neck which is a bit uncomfortable after a while.

Attractiveness: 8/10

Fit: 4/10

Comfort: 5/10

Styling: 6/10


Shape: 5/10

Price vs. Quality: 5/10

Re-purchasability: 4/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 5/10

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  1. Wah, look at my sun burn!

  2. Got mine for ten pounds on sale! But the bf won’t let me open it til Christmas 🙁 Here’s hoping it fits!


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