Scantilly AW15 Preview: “Curvy Kate’s Naughtier Friend”


If you don’t follow Becky or I on social media, you will have missed out on our Instagram preview of Scantilly, a raunchy new release from the same guys and gals behind Curvy Kate. Poor you!

We were treated to the exclusive preview at Moda Exhibition, and I’m pretty confident in saying that I can’t be the only bigger-boobed lady who is excited by the launch of this new brand. The ‘every day’ lingerie market has really exploded in the past five years from something that caters to a huge chunk of women looking for pretty everyday bras which don’t make yo feel like you’ve raided your granny’s top drawer.

That said, when you’re after something a bit more – theatrical – you’d be pushed to find anything for the boudoir which rivals the likes of Bluebella or Agent Provocateur in terms of sex appeal. I’m not talking a racy red lace bra or a glamorous satin cup (something you might have seen in Curvy Kate’s old Showgirl range, for instance), but something that would be more at home in a ’50 Shades’ commercial or a high brow peep show.


Scantilly has been designed to cater for this exact audience, and the social media buzz has been pretty crazy. The range includes stunning peek-a-boo bras, glam leopard print, art deco influences, sheer fabrics, in sizes from 30DD up to 38HH. Co-ordinates are also available, with glorious waspies and briefs which complete the look.


The brand are starting off with a capsule collection, which consists of three designs: ‘Peek a Boo’, ‘Pounce’ and ‘All Wrapped Up’.


Peek a Boo is a super sheer number with a black satin cradle, contrasting opaque piping and gorgeous rose gold hardware. But that’s not all, the briefs also feature a peephole which reveals pretty much the whole bum. Cheeky!



Pounce features a really pretty and classic leopard print, although I usually can’t stand these kind of sets as I’m not really a huge fan of leopard print. It’s that more sophisticated kind of print, however, which uses just the right shades of brown, resulting in a print which is more classy than trashy.



All Wrapped Up was probably my personal favourite, as it’s a super versatile piece which has that playfulness to it with the ties. You can either tie the sashes on the briefs or straps into a cute bow, around the waist or do something a little more ‘imaginative’ with them. It’s up to you!



With the discontinuation of Panache’s Masquerade range and Wacoal Eveden’s Fauve, the market is even more open to the likes of Scantilly, as the already pretty limited selection has grown even more thin in the last 18 months.

I can really see this collection blowing up. It’s hit the nail on the head by being way more Agent P than Ann Summers, and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Too bad we all have to wait until October 2015!

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11 Replies to “Scantilly AW15 Preview: “Curvy Kate’s Naughtier Friend””

  1. I love all of the bras but the briefs are all waaay too low, as in only those with a flat stomach would be comfortable wearing them. I tend to have this problem with CK though, I have to size up in the briefs to make sure they aren’t tiny.
    Great collation of bras though, can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

    1. I agree, I would prefer higher briefs, too. Not high up to the waist, but a little bit higher on the hips.

      Refering to the discontinuation of Masquerade and Fauve: Fortunately, the designs are not really lost, there is Panache Black now and Fantasie included some stunning Fauve designs, cuts and shapes in their collections 🙂

  2. I absolutely freakin´ love their range- and I am not affiliated with the brand. I already own the peek-a-boo in both colours (there´s also one brief style available without the back cutout), and have just ordered the Invitation. I am 34 GG in most brands and the fit is spot on. The panties sit rather low on the hips, as one commenter already mentioned, but this is something I personally really like. So, if you think about giving it a try- do so!

  3. Hi im a women im confused about my bra size my underbust is 27inches and bust size is 34inches what bra size does that make me in UK bra sizes please?

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