Check out all of my full bust bra reviews here!

Ratings Guide:

1 – 2: Very poor

3 – 4: Poor

5 – 6: Average

7 – 8: Good

9: Great

10: Perfect

All rating are based on comparisons between similar bras ie: a sports bra which scores 6/10 will probably not be as pretty as a day bra which scores 6/10… it is all relative. I feel this way makes the most sense.


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  2. Hi Loved reading your various bits and bobs!! Like you I was sick of the poor service on the High Street..I love lingerie and so I decided to start my own company! I offer a unique appointment only fitting and styling service. Everything from First Bra to Bras for small busts or curvy girls and even gorgeous Corsets!

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    • As it happens, one of my best friends lives in Durham and I have been thinking about visiting her for the past few weeks. I’ll look you up if I do!! x

  3. Oh do…I will have the champers on ice ready!! A xox

  4. All of your reviews are so fantastic and get straight to the point with the ratings! I stumbled across this blog and return very frequently. :D

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