Pure Body: a preview to AW13 at Pure London

Pure London is an entirely different show to the larger (as far as lingerie goes!) behemoth that is Moda, but the smaller, intimate feel gives it an a more intimate and independents-focussed vibe. As far as full bust brands go there weren’t many, so we spent some good quality time with some old favourites as well as being introduced to some new ones!

Cheryl at Pure Body

Lingerie Stylist Trends Talk

Just like last time, one of the great pulls of Pure London is the seminars, talks and appearances from industry professionals, from lingerie stylist Tamar Kendall to Pinterest workshops to Q&As with Caprice Bourret – you’re always set to learn something, or at least spot a TOWIE or two.

Tweet Screen Shot

So mature…

First up in our tour of the ‘Pure Body’ section was the Invest In Your Chest favourites Cleo by Panache. Always one of the brands we look forward to the most over trade show season, and this time was no different. A surprisingly fresh and ‘Spring-like’ Autumn/Winter season, we were glad to see some very unique and different prints, but all with Cleo’s good old fashioned cuteness. We fell head over heels in love with the candy pink Marcie (our bra of the year for 2012 no less!) and the stunning graphic print Darcy.

Cleo by Panache Darcy AW13

Cleo Darcy

Cleo by Panache Millie AW13

Cleo Millie

Cleo by Panache Millie AW13 close up on lace

Cleo Millie lace close up

Cleo by Panache Lily AW13

Cleo Lily

The lily bra is based on the best-selling ‘Meg’ of last season, but with an all-new, improved fit. We’ll be interested to see how it has been changed, especially after our review of the Meg picked out the fit as ever so slightly tricky which let down what could otherwise have been a close contender for the bra of the year title won by its sister Marcie. *pines after bird print*

Cleo by Panache Lori AW13

Cleo Lori

Cleo by Panache Marcie candy pink AW13

Cleo Marcie

Cleo by Panache Marcie Babydoll AW13

Cleo Marcie Babydoll

Babydoll lovers amongst you will be delighted to see the Marcie will be available in this sexy, sheer babydoll style, with adorable polka dot detailing. I’ve been praying for this bra in black so I’m glad to see it’s gone one extra step further in this surprisingly practical style.

Cleo by Panache Lucy AW13

Cleo Lucy

Cleo by Panache Lucy AW13

Cleo Lucy

Cleo’s Lucy is somewhat of a cult favourite amongst a handful of lingerie bloggers, and whilst I’m yet to review this style that is so frequently a best seller, I’m glad to see it in more fashion colour-ways. That stunning aqua teal may be my excuse to finally pick one up?

Cleo by Panache Ellis AW13

Cleo Ellis

Another stand we couldn’t resist was Claudette. Still barely a year old, this brand have had consistently impressive styles and colour-ways, with the knockout IIYC fave ‘Dessous’ being recently released in 28 bands. Claudette are showing the world how new, independent lingerie brands SHOULD be doing it.


Claudette ‘Sophia Icon’


Claudette ‘Dessous’

Claudette Ouvert Satin AW13

Claudette ‘Ouvert Satin’

Snake print was huge at the Claudette stand, and whilst it’s easily my least favourite print of all time, Becky and the brand’s lovely Bok showed me just how much of a minority I am. Becky adored the grey satin ‘Ouvert Satin’ with its playful buttons and luxe feel. I however, had my eyes on the Dessous convertible and mouth-watering ‘true blue’ and ‘oxblood’ shades. Drool.



I must admit, when I saw the Fraulein Annie stand – the first time I’d seen any ‘in the flesh’ – my heart skipped a beat. I knew I’d love their stunning, highest quality, fashion-forward, truly classic, statement pieces, but they exceeded my expectations over and over again.

The quality of the manufacture is so apparent that I immediately felt that they were well worth their slightly higher-than-my-average price tag, as their premium feel, expert design and beautiful finish just blew me away.

The only bad part about them is choosing which colour to get first.

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love AW13

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love AW13

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love AW13

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love AW13

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love

When it comes to new lingerie brands, I can’t help getting excited. Even though so many turn out to be a disappointment either with their size range, quality or uninspiring designs, I always allow myself to get my hopes up and hope I’ve uncovered a winner. With Becky at my side, this was particularly easy as she was bopping around on the two hour drive to London with excitement to see All Undone Lingerie.

We were not disappointed, and whilst their designs are essentially the same thing in three different colour-ways, each manages to encapsulate its own personality, vibe and occassion. I’m particularly drawn to the black and blue (always a winning combo) and the ivory and mink shade. With a lovely fresh, directional and premium feel, it’s lovely to see something new for the smaller band size ladies amongst us. Founder Eva Philipps even expressed her strong desire to expand the size range as the company grows.

All Undone Lingerie AW13

All Undone Lingerie

All Undone Lingerie AW13

All Undone Lingerie

All Undone Lingerie AW13

All Undone Lingerie

Once again, Pure did not disappoint, and we managed to spend a good couple of hours milling around the stands, cooing over the fashion catwalk shows, taking trend notes from lingerie guru Tamar Kendall and nattering the day away with some of our favourites. Even so, we’re feeling in the mood to see more, and with Moda just a few days away we’re gearing up to more discoveries next weekend.

Which sets caught your eye from the collections at Pure Body?

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  1. Ahhh, I love these posts! You ladies are so great, and I love your spotlighted Tweet 😉 Cleo, my darling, I love every bit of you. Has there been any word yet from Claudette on G+ cup sizes? I think their designs are just getting better and better!

  2. The Millie and the Lily are calling for me to try them. I’m not much of a fan for snake prints either, but it is kind of neat in that color. I don’t think I’ve been as impressed with anything by Claudette as their original neon colored Dessous. Is it bad that I hope they’ll come out with something similar again? The Fraulein Annie stuff looks gorgeous.

  3. LOVE CLEO!!!!

  4. The new colourway of Marcie is amazing, I just wondered a couple of days ago could they make it in pink 😀 I actually mention the Marcie on my new V-Day post, if you want, take a look at it!

  5. Lingerie guru? Maybe. But thank heavens I had you to mouth ‘By Caprice’ at me!!! Lol Sunday’s presentation was a mess that big stage scared me so much. x

  6. I adore the new bra collections coming up! I see you mentioned the Cleo Lily has a new and improved fit, compared to the Cleo Meg. I had the misfortune of falling for the Meg until I was utterly disappointed with the fit in person. Do you happen to know what ways they changed the fit? I may give it another shot! Thanks!

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