Parfait by Affinitas ‘Charlotte’: Bra Review

Our very own Becky has reviewed the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte set before here, but after reading how she found the band sizes extremely snug – to the point where she’d consider upping a band size to a 32G (and therefore a cup size too) I thought that perhaps my luck would be in and I could ‘get away’ with wearing a 30 band despite usually preferring a 28 band – so I thought I’d write my own review on the set as I’ve certainly a word or two to say!

The brand kindly sent me some sets to consider and possibly my favourite of the lot has in fact turned out to be the Charlotte – largely due to the fact that the red colour-way is SO festive and I’ll therefore probably be wearing it for most of the Christmas period.

Taking Becky’s advice I went for my usual cup size of FF but with the 30 (mainly as that’s the smallest band size they sell) and I’m sure you’ll agree the fit is absolutely glorious. It’s more comfortable than a Christmas day lie in, prettier than a frosty winter morning and has a cracking cleavage to boot. And a partridge and a pear tree.

The band is perfectly snug, in fact I found it a very firm 30 – to the point that I think the band is lying and it’s actually a 28FF/G. The smooth, soft and sensuously luxurious fabrics: satin, power mesh and moulded cups all feature, with a beautiful shape and fabulous support. This bra even survived the Christmas Eve Eve panic shop and if it can do that I genuinely believe it can do anything.

Regular readers may know of my love for the balconette bra – and this one is no different. The shape is (ahem) cracking on me and it’s one of the most comfortable bras. Ever. C’est Parfait!

Unlike Becky who’s partial to a bit of nude and black (and admittedly the Charlotte in blush nude with black detailing is absolutely to die for!) I’m such a sucker for a red colour-way, and with the holiday season coming up I simply couldn’t resist this one. I know for many of you it’s far too late to opt for this as a Christmas present for a loved one or even for a cheeky note to Santa as a special wish – however its wholesome sex appeal (aka it’s pretty, practical AND could ruffle a man’s feathers on a special occasion) it has massive potential as a Valentine’s day gift.

I went for the stunning high-waisted knickers which I usually struggle to find to fit. On word of warning – I got a size medium on recommendation from Becky, and I feel like I could even have gotten a large around the bum area. These are a tad tight around my very rounded hips in comparison to my waist but I find the medium wearable without any sagging due to them being too big around he waist and no uncomfortable cutting in around the derrière and thighs. Sure, the silhouette could be smoother around my legs but as long as you don’t have more than a 18 inch waist-to-hip ratio like me this shouldn’t be a problem at all – and even if it does it doesn’t look awful (to me at least) and it’s certainly not uncomfortable. Just size up at least a size larger than you’d expect if our experience is anything to go by. I have a pair of knickers in another set and the short briefs in medium are way too small and I’d definitely need a large – and I usually wear a size small in Freya or a 10 in Panache!

Recreating my facial expression on receipt of my delicious parcel from the lovely Parfait by Affinitas. If only I’d ‘discovered’ that I could wear them a bit sooner in 2011…

Attractiveness: 9/10

Fit: 6/10

Comfort: 6/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 7/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 8/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8/10

What are you hoping from Santa this Christmas? Will you be secretly celebrating via the medium of festive lingerie like me?

You can buy this bra from Large Cup Lingerie, who do free international shipping! Hooray!

** This bra was gifted by Affinitas Intimates for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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23 Replies to “Parfait by Affinitas ‘Charlotte’: Bra Review”

      1. Thanks, checked their website and the fact that there are no online retailers based in Europe kind of put me off trying Affinitas due to the shipping costs and the fact that customs here in Portugal love to put their fingers on everything coming from outside the European union (bastards!). However her room offers international shipping, but just the thought that I might have to return something makes me cringe at all the expenses (shipping+customs+shipping back).

        1. Ana – I know, but they’re still a very young brand so their distribution is still a bit thin on the ground at the moment. I’m sure before long they’ll be more readily available. Fingers crossed! x

    1. Hi there,
      I know this is a really late reply to this thread, but I was looking for reviews of this bra because I’d seen it on and wondered what the fit was like. Thank you for such a comprehensive review. Large Cup Lingerie are based in the UK and offer free worldwide delivery, so I just thought that may be useful to you.
      Roisin x

      1. I find with any Affinitas they come up small in the back…I’m going to get a back extender for this just to make it a bit more comfy, especially as when my weight fluctuates I can go up to a 31 inch back, but the cups are pretty spot on!

  1. P.S.: I am now checking their website, the Honey range is beautiful, love those little frils on the straps! And I wouldn’t mind having the Kelly & Tamara to join my colection of “basic” black bras.

  2. Thank you for all your bra reviews they are immensely helpful!!
    I’m just a little bit confused about the sizing of ‘Charlotte’ Parfait by Affinitas. I gather from your previous reviews that your usual size in Masquerade is 28FF (correct me if I’m wrong?), but in the ‘Charlotte’ you got a 30FF? Which would mean you sized up in both the band and the cup? I pretty much only wear Masquerade and am also a 28FF, in some styles (i.e. ‘Anais’) a 30F. Would you advise to order a cup size bigger as well in the ‘Charlotte’ (30FF), rather than just upping the band size (30F)?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Cora, thanks for your comment! Yes I effectively went up a cup and band size as I usually wear a 28FF in brands like Freya and Panache. I found the band very firm for a 30 in the Parfait range, and in the balconette styles I have so far a 30FF was the best fit. Hope this helps. x

  3. Hello. Thanks for the awesome review! I usually wear a freya 28ff, which is a tad big, but with the Freya 28F I get bubbling over (quad boob). What size would you recommend for this bra for me? Thanks! I really want to get one of these….


      1. I ordered a 30FF, because I didn’t see this reply before I ordered. The cup is a perfect fit, but I do have the back hooks on the tightest setting and might even like it a bit tighter.

        I think I figured out my freya deco size problem, my breasts are teardrop (I think); they are heavy set with not a lot of volume on top. So some moulded or plunge bras leave a gap on top but fit everywhere else. So thank you for your reviews here! They are helping me research and decide on bras before I order them online 🙂

        This bra really is a beautiful fit, and I will probably get the band tailored a bit smaller if needed. Or I’ll break out my sewing machine after I’ve practiced on a few old 32 band bras:)

        Oh and I saw your email:) I just thought I’d give you a bit to get settled with moving and all! Good luck and take care 🙂

  4. I have tried the Charlotte bra in a 30G and 32G (my usual is a 30G in Freya) and the 30 is good and firm in the band but the cup is too small, and in the 32G the cup is good but I have the band on the tightest hook with a bit of give still. I do love the bra and really want to keep one, what would you advise in my bra dilemma?

  5. I’m a 32GG in the Freya Deco, would a 34G fit me? Or would you suggest a 36G and take the band in? It’s soooo beautiful I have to make it work!

  6. You look stunning it!
    May I ask what are your hips and waist measurements? I’m a bit confused with Affinitas size tables.

  7. I bought this after seeing the reviews of it on here and wow, it’s stunning. I’m a 34F in Freya, got this in a 34F also but I think I’m going to have to go up a cup size although the band is fine for me. It’s so close to being a perfect fit I’m worrying the FF will be too big. Oh well, it’s in the post, will find out soon 😀 Thanks for the great review.

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