Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012

Panache’s Press Event was an absolute pleasure to attend. All of their brands were extremely strong for the approaching season and all were outstandingly beautiful, original and luxe. Panache’s strength lies in their directional approach, strong visuals and  ‘niche’ collections: Masquerade for luxury, Cleo for fun, Superbra for beautiful everyday and all for fit.

The sports bra was still very much a focus and a selling point and after it got a top score in the Invest In Your Chest sports bra wear-test, who can blame them, right?

The first thing when one attends a Panache press event it seems, is to be introduced to their predominant values which they are so renowned for: their expert fitting. I was in and out within minutes in what I consider to be my ‘correct size’ and I was overjoyed when they said they’d sent me one of their signature Tango bras which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

All the way up to a K cup! (soon to be KK!)

Panache boast 99 different sizes so they really do cater for everyone.

After a successful fitting for the both of us we excitedly moved on to their wonderful collections!

Masquerade by Panache

Masquerade is well known for its excellent fit, comfort and shape, but even more so for its luxurious ‘designer feel’ at high-street prices. This season looks set to be another smash for Masquerade, with powder tones, tertiary muted colours, silks, satins, pleats, lace and embroidery embossing galore it’s an absolute treat. Perfect for special occasions, gifts, treating yourself, under your LBD or even for every day wear to the office or school run, Masquerade is a brand which never compromises beauty over brawn. Not many brands do pretty plunge bras and decadent indulgent styles for the larger cup and Masquerade have it down to fine art.

I fell in lust with this powder green beauty from Masquerade, with it’s glamorous luxe finish and embridered Deco square pattern it’s so unique and would look beautiful on all skin tones. This is a real all-rounder and I can see this one selling really really well. This ticks all the boxes for me, from the subtle cup edging to the double-lined slightly-padded cup to the muted jewel tones, it is well and truly on my radar for Spring/Summer.

And the knickers are amazing with their peekaboo hole and see-through panel at the derriere. Saucy!

Finally a black Rhea! I’ve been dreaming about this bra for months and finally Panache have made it a reality! So simple and sumptuous. Nothing can make you feel quite as glamorous as simple satin.

These white high-waisted briefs with stocking hold-ups is an absolute stunner, with art deco stitching embroidery and soft satin fabric it is something which would look well at home in a designer boutique, and so flattering on all sizes and shapes! An absolute lust have!

The Rhea is a winning formula and they’ve got this delicious powder pink one on my ‘to buy’ list.

This gorgeous wine and flesh-toned vintage inspired piece was one of my favourites, and (next season secret!) the two-toned overlay was absolutely rife at MODA Exhibition.

Our absolute favorite had to be this champagne coloured plunge set which looks like a relative of the Lula-Mae but has the outstandingly unique black printed lace effect! Gorgeous!


Panache Superbra

Panache Superbra is a brand which never get old. With their fabulous basics which transcend (and last for) years, they prove that plain and practical doesn’t have to be boring. And their fashion colours? Beautiful! With their feather prints, bold colour palettes, florals, Art Deco and stunning Spirograph details, I really was bowled over. Never one to disappoint on fit and comfort in my opinion, Superbra is Panache’s definitive brand and best-seller. They should come with a health warning, however: as their wires are very wide which people either love or hate, but if you love the signature Panache fit you’re really in for a treat with the Spring/Summer collection. With fans including Scarlett Johannson (the Panache Porcelain strapless is her staple for red carpet events) and even Becky and I, it comes with a high recommendation from Invest In Your Chest.

High-waisted briefs are very much ‘in’ for Panache, particularly in the Superbra range. A nod towards the vintage trend and so comfortable and practical, who could say no?

The divine ‘Tutti Fruity’ Tango to celebrate the bra’s first decade is a fresh and exciting take on this Panache classic.

We adore this Art Deco inspired detail on these basic briefs; adding subtle detail to an otherwise plain set.

… and in this adorable cappuccino colour it’s to die for!

We couldn’t decide on a single favorite from Panache’s signature brand, and of course the Tango had to feature as the brand’s best selling classic. And how gorgeous does this turquoise look with a tan? Amazing!

I’m head over heels for this stunning colour scheme of royal blue, orange and yellow, a genius use of colour theory by Panache to create something which really catches the eye. With a balconette cup and high-waisted briefs this set looks so vintage inspired and classic but with a fabulous modern twist.

Can anything be better than lace? I don’t think so and Panache prove me right with this delicious raspberry stretch lace bra which would fit any shape brilliantly. A classic cup and with fabric which is so soft and pretty we see yet another winning formula from the brand.


Cleo by Panache

I often describe Cleo as Panache’s ‘fun and flirty younger sister’ and it’s not hard to see why. The range for Spring/Summer 2012 is jam-packed with bold brights, flirty lace and broiderie anglaise, lace and dazzling prints. What brand could sit better in Spring/Summer than Cleo? It is so carefree, fun and fresh and you can just imagine them all under a sun dress.

If this beautiful water colour print with eye-catching brights doesn’t scream ‘Spring/Summer I don’t know what will.

Florals are very much here to stay and this poppy print by Cleo was one of my favourite florals from MODA in February. So pretty!

This paisley print wonder was definitely one of the best (for me) from the entire brand event. I need this in my life – peacock, rainbow brights, lace detail, it’s all here.

When I saw this canary yellow beauty I knew Becky would go weak at the knees for it. She loves broiderie anglaise wore the exact same shade to sixth form prom and it looks so cute with her long blonde locks, milky white skin and blue eyes, and you’ll never believe that my prediction was 100% correct as she made her ‘I love it!’ squeak when she saw it. If only I could wear yellow… alas my yellow toned complexion!

Proving once again that plain can still be fun with a cutesy broiderie anglaise edge.

And you guessed it, our favorite from Cleo was the pretty peacock wonder.

Panache Swim

Give Becky half a chance and she’ll wax lyrical about the Panache Lucille, so you can imagine her excitement when she saw they’ve inverted the colours for 2012. Considering she wore her Lucille for most of the summer, maybe it’s time for a change Rebecca?

Also available in a bikini version, but we’re a sucker for a vintage twist so this oh-so-Marilyn-Monroe skirted swimsuit was an absolute heartbreaker. Perfect for anyone who wants to cover a bit more flesh without compromising on style, very 50’s and chic with an adorable print.

If only we had those pins!

Many hours were spent ogling the collections, giggling with the fitting team and ‘talking bras’ Panache’s wonderful Heather Kipling. We’re so impressed with the coming season we’re more than prepared to give it a knockout 10/10!

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9 Replies to “Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012”

  1. Love the retro looking swimsuit, any ideas when that one will be available? Next year I’m guessing? Kind regards Rebecca in Sweden

  2. Aw thank you ‘Bras I Hate’! It’s from Dorothy Perkins, honestly one of the best dresses I’ve ever owned. Managed to even fit the boobs into a size 8 and still plenty of room, yipee! Just look up ‘ponte circular’ on their website for all the lovely colours!

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