Panache Sports Bra Review

Marketed as ‘Support for every sport’, Panache claim to have created this bra utilising their ‘renowned fit knowledge to create a product that was more advanced than anything else on the market and that reduced confusion created by other sports bras’. Considering my last post about the Shock Absorber Run and their ‘designed for purpose’ different styles, I found this idea rather attractive: something which does it all and does it better than anything else was the promise, it seemed. I wont have to buy three different bras and have a different one on tab depending on what activity I was embarking on; all I’ll ever need is the Panache…

The Panache Sports Bra has been developed to individually encapsulate each breast, holding & supporting and reducing movement in all directions. Providing the ultimate support for every sport! After rigorous testing, it was found that wearing the Panache Sports Bra could reduce breast bounce by up to 83% compared to wearing no bra!

I’m a bit confused why this statistic is used since just about anything would reduce breast bounce when compared to wearing no bra! I was really REALLY looking forward to trying this bra out since seeing it at the MODA exhibition in Birmingham and I was eager to get my hands on one. I wasn’t disappointed and their 28FF fit me really well. I found it was true to size (although at the gym today I felt I could benefit on tightening the hooks slightly on the running machine), and the cups were smooth, rounded and so comfortable. They are verging on being a bit small but I think it’s important to be fully encapsulated in a sports bra to effectively ‘Banish The Bounce’, so I don’t think it warranted an up-sizing. The cups are ever so slightly thick, not enough to be descriped as ‘padded’ but a thick supportive firm cup, with underwires which appear hidden under the double-lined exterior. I love how this makes the bra look a bit like a sporty crop top as opposed to a bra and I think for the brave it would look great with yoga pants or running shorts. With my beloved Freya Active (the underwired version being my current favourite) I found that I have to wear their straps at the tightest they can go despite being still fairly new. With the Panache this wasn’t such a problem and for lighter exercise I wore it about this tight (see above), however for strenuous activity about another two inches tighter. Unfortunately it was more torrential rain than casual jog weather so I was limited to the concrete and metal jungle of the gym, however I didn’t find myself missing my Shock Absorber or Freya Active much – I really enjoyed the fit of this one. I wasn’t as firmly or securely held as perhaps a compression bra gives, however I felt no heavy bounces, back pain or excessive movement but just light, carefree movement. Just me, the machine and my music player.

Goldie Sayers, Panache Sports Ambassador has struggled to find a sports bra through her sporting career:

A well fitted bra is essential for any sportswoman with a large bust. Since meeting with Panache we’ve worked hard to reduce the risk of injury during both training and competition and now with their ultimate sports bra, I feel 100% comfortable wearing this bra and I can’t wait to wear it when I compete! -Goldie

I’m not sure that the Panache sports bra has answered all my prayers when it comes to sporting activities, however it’s certainly up there with some of the best. It’s definitely one of the most comfortable bras I’ve tried and doesn’t sit so high up around my armpits like the Shock Absorber level 4 does which can be quite restrictive during some sports – I can cartwheel away in the Panache with minimal boob movement or moments of restrictive fabric. Whilst the bounce was not being completely ‘banished’ was greatly reduced.

One thing that gets me is the idea of hand washing it every time I want to wear it since it’s not machine washable…

Attractiveness: 7/10

Fit: 8/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 9/10

Support: 8/10

Shape: 9/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 8/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 9/10

** This bra was gifted by Panache Lingerie for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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29 Replies to “Panache Sports Bra Review”

  1. «it’s not hand washable…»

    did you mean machine washable? or it really can’t be hand washed? o.O

    it is one if the prettiest, if one can say that about a sports bra…

  2. Thanks for posting this! I really want one of these but was pretty underwhelmed with my latest try with Panache. You’ve given me hope. 😉

    Is 28FF your usual size in Panache? I’m still a bit confused on what size to order (I think the 30J Sienna is about right but the cups are too wide and not deep enough). It’s supposed to run small in the cups so I guess I’d be a 30H/HH? Did you find the cups to be wide like their other bras or deeper?

    1. I wear (in general) a 28FF with Masquerade and Panache Superbra but sometimes 30F with Cleo by Panache… I used to have a bra but Cleo which was SO tight on me. the underwires felt soft (may have been due to the padding from the cup and (on me at least) were a great shape. I didn’t find the cups too shallow but I’m quite wide set… x

    1. It’s a close call indeed. If I had to call it I’d say Freya. But at the same time the Shock Absorber is brilliant too. I think the best way to call it is to try them on and see which fits your own body best and wether you prefer compression or encapsulation. . The Freya is probably still my personal fave for comfort but the shock absorber is the most ‘strap ’em down’ supportive. The Panache is a great option too and in my opinion looks the nicest too. It’s a hard call and a LOT down to personal preference and what you can get hold of in your area, size etc. The Panache can’t be machine washed which for me is a huge issue… x

  3. Hello! I bought this bra online (because in the only shop that sells it in Portugal costs nearly 25€ more) but I have a question about how it should fit.
    I bought a 34GG size since all my Cleo bras are that size (although one should have been a 34G) but the middle of the bra, the part between the cups, isn’t close to my skin, it’s almost at the same height as the cups. My breast fits perfectly on the cups (no compression at all) and I still have space for one finger.
    Is this normal on the sports bra (my old one compress so much I practically don’t breath) and should I exchange it for a 34G or keep this one.

    1. I purchesd this bra in a 34DD, my normal size and found I was cominig out at the sides by my armpits. I changed it for a 34E and the problem was solved but like you I find the bra not quite sitting into my chest at the middle, particularly when in the racer back style, beacause the wires don’t come up that high (for comfort I presume). Its not as bad with straight straps and if I push the material in between the top of my boobs the cups are a perfect fit. I’ve tried and tested it for ashatanga yoga and my boobs do not come out when I’m upside down. The thick band aroud the top does crease in the middle on rotational movements as its not a close fit but for me its better than bulging out of the sides. I guess nothing is perfect.

    2. hi i have the same problem and i went one size bigger in the cups,and in the back because it doesnt has in this size

  4. Why can’t it be machine-washed? I’ve had a Panache Sports Bra for ages (before they got to being a recognised brand, even) and it goes in the machine quite happily. It’s got an annoying little tube that fits over the hooks though, but it does improve comfort to wear it, so I persist. It’s the only sports bra I’ve ever had that I didn’t have to feel like I’d gone 3 rounds with Muhammed Ali before I’d done anything, yet nothing much moves.

  5. Hi, i recently bought the Panache Sports bra and love it. Was thinking of buying another one but was also looking into other brands that are a bit cheaper. Is the shock absorber running bra an encapsulated bra? Thanks

    1. Hi, Shock Absorber are compression not encapsulation. Another encapsulation sports bra would be one of the Freya Actives… which are well worth a try x

  6. Hi, Loved your article. I’ve got a Panache Sport Bra in a 38G. It fits beautifully and reduces the bounce amazingly but the hand wash thing does get a bit old and I don’t always want something so padded. I was thinking about getting a Shock Absorber B4490 or maybe a Freya Racer Back. Do they size the same? I had a Shock Absorber years ago when I lived in the UK and really liked it, but I was smaller then and I haven’t seen them here in Australia to try on….. and frequently what fits in one brand doesn’t in another as they run smaller or larger. Would you recommend ordering the same size in the Freya or Shock Absorber?
    Thanks for you input,
    Cheers, Alex

    1. I’d say go up a band size from the size you wore in Shock Absorber, but the same relative cup size. So if youu wore a 34DD in SA, try a 32E in Freya’s sports bras. I found the sizing pretty similar between the Panache and the Freya. Hope this helps! x x

  7. H i i have this bra ,first i try the 28H and i have the same problem with the Janet and Ines,i have room inthe middle it doesnt sit flat i try the 30H and i found that it has some wrinklings up tothe bra ,can you tell me how much fits

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