M&S go Bust! Becky Mount from Busts 4 Justice Interview

Co-founders of the group ‘Busts 4 Justice’ Beckie Williams (26), and Becky Mount (20), have been campaigning for over 11 months for the surplus £2 charge to be abolished from the larger bra sizes, and to adopt a ‘one price fits all’ philosophy.

Curvy Kate Review: First Impressions

I was curious to test out the fairly up-and-coming company on the underwear scene; Curvy Kate.

The Online Fitting-Guide Challenge

Similarly to my High Street Fitting Guide blog, I have had a look at some on-line fitting guides. Due to the truly horrific results from my past undercover mission, and the fact that the places which came out top are far and few between; mainly in London or other big cities dotted around the country it makes  Read More

The Ugly Truth? Models vs. Role Models

Superstar model Kelly Brook recently spoke out against airbrushing; calling it a bad body image, ‘unrealistic’ and claims that it creates an ‘unachievable’ role model for young teenage girls. Kelly most certainly has a point well made here; yet all of her published promotional photos to date are edited.

High Street Fitting Challenge

I was recently asked by a popular on-line bra shop to perform an undercover mission to challenge the fitting services of high-street shops and department stores. Below I have given a brief review of my experience, naming and shaming companies (because hey, I can!) and describing my experience in my cross-section experiment. Please feel free  Read More