Moda’s best bits: Panache’s new Sports Bra

Sports bras are a tricky thing to get right and with so much stiff competition and different consumer preferences, you could forgive a brand for being a little anxious about delving into this competitive market. Panache, however, are excited to have finally debuted their own contribution at Moda this week. I spoke at length to the lovely Heather Kipling at the exhibition and her enthusiasm for the product was infectious – the brand have been developing their ‘ultimate’ sports bra for the D+ market and after three years of intense research & development, working with ‘Progressive Sport’ based at Loughborough University, they’re proud to have the release date looming.

Set for release in October 2011, the Panache sports bra works with encapsulation technology as opposed to compression as seen in so many of its competitors and is available from a D – H cup.

The bra is full of promise but one thing is for sure – it’s prettier than your average.

Olympian British Javelin thrower Goldie Sayers has been made the Sporting Ambassador of the product which claims to be ground-breaking and unrivalled in its category. Goldie, who claims to have always struggled to find a sports bra through her sporting career, stated:

“A well fitted bra is essential for any sportswoman with a large bust. Since meeting with Panache we’ve worked hard to reduce the risk of injury during both training and competition and now with their ultimate sports bra, I feel 100% comfortable and I can’t wait to wear it when I compete!”

The Panache press release claims:

Panache’s independent research found that women who exercise regularly find their current sports bras are unattractive, uncomfortable and un-wearable under their sports clothing.

The Panache Sports Bra has been developed to individually encapsulate each breast, holding & supporting and reducing movement in all directions. Providing the ultimate support for every sport! After rigorous testing, it was found that wearing the Panache Sports Bra could reduce breast bounce by up to 83% compared to wearing no bra!*
After conquering the D plus lingerie market, Panache were inspired to take up the challenge and use their expertise and renowned fit knowledge to create a product that was more advanced than anything else on the market and that reduced confusion created by other sports bras.

The models were demonstrating the bra on gym equipment and it certainly gave onlookers an idea of how the bra works – much better than just seeing it hanging on a mannequin or rail. The lovely model looked supported and comfortable (not that she would say otherwise…) but from what I’ve seen I’m excited to try it for myself!

With only two months prior to release, I will be anticipating its launch by testing out the competition a la my strapless bra review, and I’ll be swinging, running, jumping, cartwheeling and high-kicking my way through them – I may even try get my hands on a javelin, you never know!

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  1. Yes but why isn’t she running on the treadmill? You don’t need to have an “ultimate sports bra” on to have that much support when walking (slowly). Did she ran at all?

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