Moda: Lingerie Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2014

Moda time is one of my favourite times of year. There’s nothing I love more than popping around the stalls and seeing what my favourite brands have to offer in the coming seasons – or even better – finding a new favourite brand to drool over!

This year was no different, with a fair few ‘must haves’ from the likes of Gossard, Tutti Rouge, Freya, Panache and more.

Warning: this season is not for the shy – I’ve put together a summary of some of the trends I spotted weaving their way through each of the collections, with neon bright shades, oriental, strong colours and bold florals making a strong statement.


Think springlike shades in a wintery season – keep yourself karking back to the summertime with brights, neons, pastels and clashing colours. Anything bright and bold is in.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these as it’s still so difficult to fun and vibrant lingerie in fuller bust sizes. Brand in particular who have this trend nailed down include Cleo by Panache, Tutti Rouge and Gossard. Who needs a Winter wardrobe when you can make it Summer all year round, right?

Neon Trend Moda Exhibition Autumn/Winter 2014
Cleo by Panache
Tutti Rouge Nichole Bra Set Autumn/Winter 2014
Tutti Rouge ‘Nichole’
Curvy Kate Firecracker autumn/winter 2014
Curvy Kate ‘Firecracker’
Cleo by Panache Nyla autumn/winter 2014
Cleo by Panache ‘Nyla’
Gossard autumn/winter 2014
Gossard autumn/winter 2014

Oriental Influence

A trend awash with strong ‘floriental’ charm mixed with jewel shades and rich, opulent lace. I adore this trend. As someone who’s pretty much an asiaphile, I never tire of peony prints and blossoms at any given opportunity.

Oriental influence moda lingerie trend catwalk autumn/winter 2014

Panache Superbra Jasmine autumn/winter 2014
Panache Superbra ‘Jasmine’
Panache autumn/winter 2014
Parfait Affinitas Delphine autumn/winter 2014
Parfait by Affinitas ‘Delphine’

Strong Florals

Florals are anything but understated this season. Think big and think bold. Prints include a rainbow of clashing colours, statement bouquets of ‘lifelike’ flowers and pretty watercolour pastels. Standout piece for this trend has to be Freya’s delicious graphic pansy print which appears to have a similar cut and shape as the ‘Babes in the Wood’ balcony bra (which fit wonderfully – yey!).

Strong floral trend on the Lingerie Catwalk Moda autumn/winter 2014

Tutti Rouge Betty in Blue autumn/winter 2014
Tutti Rouge Betty in Blue
Tutti Rouge autumn/winter 2014
Tutti Rouge
Parfait by Affinitas Casey autumn/winter 2014
Parfait by Affinitas ‘Casey’
Freya Lingerie autumn/winter 2014

Bold Monoshades

Key shades include ruby, sapphire and black, and plenty of it. One colour doesn’t need to be boring – make a statement with just one shade.

Continuing with the lust for luxurious jewel shades, these statement shades are vibrant, tertiary shades are just enough to make a statement on their own. Think black is dull? Think again. Black can be an attitude as well as an everyday shade.

Offset a predominantly singular shade with a tiny accent of neon to incorporate two of the key trends – just like with the Freya and Cleo ‘Neve’ sets below.


Curvy Kate Roxie Babydoll autumn/winter 2014
Curvy Kate ‘Roxie Babydoll’
Curvy Kate Ritzy Babydoll in red, autumn/winter 2014
Curvy Kate ‘Ritzy Babydoll’
Cleo by Panache Neve in blue autumn/winter 2014
Cleo by Panache ‘Neve’
Panache Envy Body Suit autumn/winter 2014
Panache ‘Envy’ Body
Panache Masquerade Angie bra autumn/winter 2014
Masquerade by Panache ‘Angie’

Which of these trends are you most keen to get your hands on?

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2 Replies to “Moda: Lingerie Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2014”

  1. I love the florals coming in for A/W, especially Freya ‘flourish’ which is now being stocked in Debenhams in a 28 back, since the company decided to start buying these in again.Hooray! Also Cleo, always a classic x

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