Lingerie in the FROW: The Cosmo Lingerie Show

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Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the hottest UK lingerie events: The Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show.

This was the first year I’d ever been to the event, and after keenly following blog posts and social media after the event for quite a few years now, it was amazing to be there and wrapped up in this super-glam celebration of lingerie.

Right on the cusp of London Fashion Week, I was so so excited to see lingerie as the main focus of Cosmopolitan’s #FashFest events, where they showcase highstreet and accessible styles that you’re more likely to see on Very or ASOS than on the runway at Alexander McQueen. Now, I love looking at high end fashion (and lingerie for that matter), but the reason I loved Cosmo’s event (and the magazine themselves), is how it’s made for the everyday woman, on an everyday paycheque, and featured purse-friendly brands and pieces that most people can afford.

With bosom buddy Undercover Lingerista in tow, we were pretty darn excited to mill amongst other bloggers and lingerie enthusiasts, and then invited to take some snaps of the models and collections backstage.

Now, I have never been backstage at an event like this before, but there’s nothing quite so glamorous as seeing these beautiful models in the midst of doing what they do best, glass of bubbly in hand and being in a stunning venue like One Marylebone.

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Invest In Your Chest

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show FROW

We had the most amazing front row seats (with the amazing Cosmo Editor Louise Court just metres away – fangirl much?), and we were really close and personal with the lovely lingerie sets selected by Cosmo’s stylists.

There were some beautiful sets which I didn’t recognise, but loads and loads of familiar brands and, to my delight, quite a good number of full bust brands. Old faves which stood out were Triumph, Wonderbra, Freya, Pour Moi and Mimi Holliday.

The sets were paraded up and down the catwalk on beautiful models, arranged in key trends and collections. Yes, lingerie really is fashion, too!

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Teddy and Basque

Key trends this season seem to be very classic, with a standout ‘classic red’, leopard print and monotone black and white collections. Loungerie was also a kit, with lovely teddies, silk and satin shorty pyjama sets and lacy bralets. However, before you start to think that means that lingerie has gone boring, check out the amazing Marlies Dekkers-esque straps, exciting shapes and subtle details which make these high street ranges look like they’d look right at home in a swanky London designer boutique.

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Red Trend

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Leopard Trend

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Leopard Print Bra

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Catwalk

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Catwalk Pour Moi

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Catwalk Models

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Catwalk Model

As well as a dazzling display of gorgeous lingerie, Cosmo also took the opportunity to plug Invest In Your Chest favourites Coppafeel! and their Bra Hijack campaign. Kris and Maren were at the event, and it’s amazing to see how successful this campaign has been and how much the charity has exploded in the past eighteen months. Go Cosmo and go the Hallenga girls!

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Backstage

Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show Backstage Models

Lingerie is very rarely in the forefront of the mainstream fashion world, and is often overlooked in many magazines. For this reason, to see underthings celebrated by a mag like Cosmo was, for me, really something special. Thanks so much to Cosmo for inviting me along, and for bringing lingerie to the forefront of the fashion world for the evening!

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  1. Hi, as a guy, I really love to go to the lingerie show but didnt have any chance to do so.

    Thank you for this post since I got more insights about the lingerie show in general. I hope I can go one day !!!

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