How to put your bra on correctly- The ‘Scoop and Grab’ or the ‘Scoop and Jiggle’

Now, before you learn how to measure yourself from home, you will need to know how to ‘arrange’ yourself into a bra. This is essential when trying on and wearing a bra. The two tricks I am about to teach you are simple… it doesn’t matter which one you prefer and decide to adopt – just so long as you get to the end result.

When putting a bra on for the first time (and every time!) You should hook the back back on yourself on the loosest hook and eye fastening. It should feel firm but not uncomfortable.

Next pull the straps up over your shoulders, making sure they are not too tight or loose. A general rule is that you should be able to slide two fingers easily under the strap. The straps should not dig in or make red marks; they should only support a small fraction of the weight of your breasts.

The ‘Scoop and Grab‘:

This method is the one I personally find easiest, as the second often involves a bit of this anyway. Basically when you have your bra on as described above, many people would stop there. In order for your breasts to be fully encased in the cup you should pull all your breast up and into the cup… all the soft tissue from under the armpits too! Literally scoop and grab your flesh into the cup. You may find your cup is more filled up than before (or overfilled!) you may even find you need a cup size up!

The ‘Scoop and Jiggle‘:

Starting at stage one, lean forward, grab the bottom of your under-wires and give your breasts and jiggle, moving all the tissue forward into the cup. If you still have a bit of flesh under the armpit area, feel free to have a bit of a ‘scoop and grab’.

You will definitely (I promise!) Notice the difference when you adopt one (or both) of these steps. You will feel more supported, you may even feel you need to change your cup size. This is one of the crucial steps that a poorly-trained bra fitter won’t tell you when you have a fitting… but it is probably one of the most important things you could learnt about getting the most out of your bra.

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20 Replies to “How to put your bra on correctly- The ‘Scoop and Grab’ or the ‘Scoop and Jiggle’”

  1. I always thought I was being silly, so glad to see it’s a good thing.
    It’s absolutely the best part of putting your bra on i’m a fan of the scoop and jiggle!

  2. I’m a fan of the scoop and grab method. A tip i learned recently when trying on bras is to sit down in the fitting room and see how the tightness in the band or straps changes and if you boobs shift positions in the process. I tried this with a few bras and they looked fine standing up but when i sat down i definitely muffined over.

  3. My boyfriend always thought it was funny that I had to wiggle into my bras as much as my jeans. I told him it was necessary and now I have literature to back me up! Thank you!

  4. when we fit bras we are standing behind our ladies we ask them to bed over from the waist and jiggle themselves into the bra we then hook the back up checking the underband if the lady is still not quite in the cup we ask her to scoop herself in ………. so its well tried and tested ……

  5. We specialise in bra fitting and it’s our 42nd year. We advise our customers to use the scoop and grab method (left hand into right cup then right hand into left cup) ensuring that the nipple is centralised. Sometimes the mature breast needs a little help as the nipple can be trapped below central. If it is centralised the flesh is distributed evenly then if the bust firms up it will be in the correct shape. There are now nearly 200 sizes. When I started there were only 4 cup sizes.

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