Help! My Boobs Have Shrunk

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my incessant mentions of My Fitness Pal and going to the gym more often than I go to the bathroom.

I’ve been following this updated gym routine since January (I know, a New Year’s Resolution that I’ve actually stuck to for longer than 2 weeks!), and I’m pretty chuffed to have dropped a dress size and lost 9kg in just three months.


I’ve done it in a really sustainable and healthy way, and I find myself much stronger, fitter and healthier than I can ever remember being since I was a teenager. I can rock a chaturanga in my weekly Yoga session without breaking a sweat, and can keep up with a 45 minute body pump without… ok, there’s lots of sweating involved in that kind of class.

I really do feel great for it, and I’m not just talking physically. It’s definitely true what they say that exercise benefits mental health as well as physical health; I’m much more balanced and chilled out for it, and my confidence is definitely on the up.


That said, one of the huge downsides of this is my change in boob size. Whilst it’s not CRAZY dramatic, only a cup size or two, it’s definitely enough to render all of my bras useless, and I need to bin them all and start again. Nobody looks cute in a gappy bra.

When restocking your entire boulder-holder kit includes re-investing in sports bras which cost in excess of £30 each and notoriously pricey full bust bras for every day, you can be sure that a lot of money is going to be involved in re-stocking my collection.

That dreary reality aside, when you’ve noticed a significant amount of boob size change (and it’s more of a permanent change than a ‘time of the month’ fluctuation or temporary weight loss/gain for whatever reason), now’s the time to go get fitted. You should really be getting fitted every 6 months anyway just to keep yourself checked up and to ensure you’re still wearing the right size, but if, like me, you’ve been avoiding going to get fitted because you’re worried about having to basically re-purchase all of your lingerie collection, please don’t forget the likes of My Curves and Me, eBay and Brastop for some cheap restocking – full bust lingerie needn’t be too expensive if you know the right places to look for cut price stock!

I’m not quite financially ready or mentally prepared to repurchase everything I own, so I’ve narrowed down my top drawer into a makeshift ‘capsule collection’ – the sets that are most essential sets that I need in order to function and wear most of my outfits without too much trouble. For me this means a black bra (my go-to everyday), a ‘nude’ bra to wear under white/light coloured tops and at least two sports bras.

So, as I’m in the market for new bras, I’ve been taking a good, hard look at my collection to determine the favourite bras which will be making the cut for a repurchase, and that will allow me to have at least the basics that I need.

One of which is definitely the Cleo Marcie, which thankfully is available as a continuity product from Panache. Thank the lingerie gods! I’ll definitely be picking this up in black for my everyday black bra, and, let’s face it, probably also in the cheeky pink version available on sale right now at Because I’m all for bra favourites on sale in pretty colours…


Since I am at the gym so much, and my routine is so varied, my sports bra collection has been pretty well loved in the past few months. My favourites for most activities are the Freya Active wired sports bras, which hold you pretty solidly in place even in the most strenuous of boot camps.

As such, one of these will DEFINITELY be added to the repurchase list.


For yoga and strength training my preference is the Panache non-wired sports bra which gives you just the right amount of support whilst maintaining a more relaxed, comfortable fit which allows you to stay fully in the zone. This is another essential that I’ll be picking up in my new size, for sure.

Now, for the nude bra. Cleo’s Marcie in nude would be the obvious choice, but it seems to be sold out EVERYWHERE, so with summer round the corner I’ve been thinking of all the different scenarios when you might need a nude bra, and it makes sense to me to consider a strapless or a multi-way. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to try the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless?

My top tip for getting rid of old, too-big lingerie which you’re pretty convinced won’t fit you anymore, is: list them on eBay! Second hand, good quality/condition bras sell pretty well and whilst you won’t make your millions from them, it’s good to let the amounts add up and put the money towards your new bra purchases.

Have you ever had to completely re-purchase your lingerie collection following a shift in bra size? Do you have any tips for how to adjust and make the best out of this rediculously expensive situation?

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10 Replies to “Help! My Boobs Have Shrunk”

  1. Hey Cheryl! Congrats on the awesome workout routine and your positive changes!

    I totally understand what you’re going through with all of your bras being useless. After my breast surgery, I obviously couldn’t wear any of my old bras anymore and had to sell them all on eBay, reddit Braswap, and bratabase. I actually made out really well and got rid of all 16-18 of them.

    You seemed to be in the 28G/30FF size range. I have tons of bras I should probably part with and if your new size is around 30F/30E/28F/28FF I would be happy to pass some onto you. I have a 28FF Marcie if you want it!

  2. I thought the same about my favourite bra, the Marcie. Must have it in black and nude! I emailed Panache about the lack of availability two weeks ago and they said it isn’t even out yet. It hits the shops in June/July. Apparently it is delayed and was supposed to be out a few months ago, hence no stock online. I am still hopeful I can get both in my size (30FF) when I do see them!

  3. Funny that you’ve posted this: I’m currently going through the same thing – needing a whole new bra-drobe because of a size change. It’s frustrating not only because of the money it costs, but also trying to find the right fit for your new shape! Worse still, where I live (Nova Scotia, Canada), there are few options for trying bras that actually fit me. I think I’m now the size you were before your fitness regime (30F/FF) and therefore have been really grateful for your blog’s fitting advice! I started by buying an Andorra on eBay, which fits very well (although I find the gore painfully tall), but what I really have my eyes on are Cleo bras. Sadly, no one around here sells them so I can’t try one on to see what size fits me best in the brand. With that in mind, might I ask you, before your recent size change, what size were you wearing in the Cleo Marcie? Your post from a while back said you wore a 30F but that was some time ago, so I wanted to check. Help? I’m desperate for a Cleo but don’t know what size to choose!

    PS. I’ve been using Bratabase as a guide for guessing what will fit me before taking the plunge and buying bras on eBay – that’s my go-to bra “store” these days, since the selection is usually good and the prices, affordable!

  4. Hiya,

    I would like to ask for some advise.

    I have my school leavers ball coming up soon and need a strapless bra for my dress. Is there anything you can please?

    I am so far thinking about getting an adhesive bra, but I’m worried it won’t stay. I’ve copied and pasted the link in ‘website’.

    Please help.

    Thank you,


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