Full Bust Christmas Lingerie Wishlist

I have to admit, this was one of the most fun blog posts I’ve written in a long time. It basically consisted of online shopping, but without the budget or guilt. Best thing ever!

I’ve simply put together the top 10 bras that I would pick if I were to ask for lingerie for Christmas. You may not agree with my choices, but it may give you some ideas of what to ask Santa for, or even what to pick up for your significant other.

My only tip for shopping for others is this: check the returns policy thoroughly before purchasing, as if it doesn’t fit her, you don’t want your hard-earned money going to waste, along with your good intentions. I fell victim to this last year, and trust me, eBay never sweetens the bitter taste of failure.

Anyway, without further ado and in no particular order:

The Freya Gem

Bra available in half cup (in cup sizes B to F) and balcony style (from a D to K cup), and prices range from £26 to £32 respectively.

Set is available in pretty black and pink two-tone or a gorgeous cornflower blue.

Available now from Leia Lingerie.

If you really want to treat her, pick up the matching chemise, too.
Beaujais Dark Paradise

At £198.00, this set is definitely a bit higher than the average price point for a lingerie set. But hey, if you’re not going to spend just shy of £200 on a gal at Christmas time, when are you?

We’re talking totally over-the-top gorgeousness, with stunning intense violet silk satin and sheer black chiffon. What more could a girl want?

Available in 28-38, D to GG cups from Beaujais.com.
Ewa Michalak HM Gold

Ready made in 30 – 38 D to GG, but the Ewa Michalak website states: ‘If you do not see their bra size drop-down menu, please contact us and we will sew it for you. Please note, however, that such orders are not refundable / exchange.’ Not the best for when ordering a gift, so unless the size you think your lady will need is available, I’d advise against this one without a bit of help.

Available now for 129.00 Polish Zloty (that’s about £25) on the Ewa Michalak website.

Fraulein Annie Falling in Love in Blush/Red

This set could probably stand alone as my most coveted bra EVER. It’s £46 for the bra alone, but is the most perfect-looking creation ever and if I don’t get it for Christmas a certain someone is going to find themselves girlfriend-less and with a lump of coal.

That said, if you can find it in stock anywhere then good luck to you! Bah humbug.

The good news, however, is that you can pick up the same set in other stunning colour-ways from Fusspot Lingerie and Hepburn and Leigh. Hooray!
Mimi Holliday by Damaris Bisou Bisou Kiss Lace Non Padded Maxi Bra

What girl doesn’t want scalloped lace with silk satin in sumptuous black and red for Christmas?

Available now (in limited sizes!) for £55 from Figleaves.com.

The padded plunge version is pretty stunning, too.
Freya Deco Honey in Firecracker

Ok, ok, so I may not be particularly well known for my love of the Freya Deco, but since I seem to be amongst a very small minority and I LOVE the colour of this, I thought I’d include it in my little wish list.

Available now from 28 – 38 D-GG for £32 from Leia Lingerie.
Fauve Veronique in Topaz

I usually can’t bring myself to spend in excess of £60 for a bra (even though if you have the money to spend Fauve bras are probably worth every penny of their price tag) but this one is reduced from £57 to £28.50 on ASOS.com.

Available in D to G cups, but is selling out fast!

Cleo Lucy in Navy/Pink

Resistance is futile: this much-hyped basic balconette has been given a fashion makeover with gorgeous ombre embroidery and a cutesy colour-way.

A great option if your gal doesn’t really ‘do’ sexy in the traditional ‘red and black lace’ kind of way.

Buy now (reduced from £25 to £20) in size D to J from My Curves and Me.
Masquerade by Panache Rosetti set in Scarlet

Do you really need me to convince you that this one’s a good choice? It’s so striking and classic, and with an impressive 28 – 39 D – H cup size range, it’s a winner.

Pick it up for £40 from Bravissimo.com.
Satine Bra by Bravissimo in Cobalt Blue

I have quite a lot of trouble with plunge bras, but even on me this one was a gorgeous fit. I’d only tried the white version on so far  – the only colour available the last time I went to Bravissimo – but this beautiful blue shade has the Satine right at the top of my lust list.

£29 and available in sizes 28 -38 D to J from Bravissimo.com.


Oh, and one more thing. Santa, if you really read my blog – not that this is a test to your existence or anything – but if you do, please could you leave this little number under my tree?

Freya Lounge Ivy Cami Top and Shorts, available from Large Cup Lingerie


What’s on your Christmas lingerie lust list?

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8 Replies to “Full Bust Christmas Lingerie Wishlist”

  1. I have the deco in this red and the Freya Gem.

    The freya Gem is lovely but the style and cut changes dramatically going into a GG cup and is not nearly as sexy (which is probably why Freya have no photos of the style in a GG).

  2. Hi Cheryl, good news for your other half: the Falling in Love set in Blush/Red is available, just send me an email on info@frauleinannie.com
    Exclusive 15% discount until 13th Dec!
    By the way, the suspender belt should be worn in the natural waist, it flattens the tummy and waist. See my facebook page for how it should look.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey I was just wondering how tight/slack the back band was in Fauve. I’m a little in love with the whole Fauve collection but being a 28 I have never purchased one due to worrying it would be too big in a 30. I find Freya 28s okay, but not the best fit, I could do with them being a bit tighter – so my guess is a 30 back in Fauve would be far too big? What do you think? Thanks, Willow x

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