Freya ‘Nieve’: Long-line Bra Review

Back in September, Cheryl reviewed the balcony version of this lovely bra and whilst it might be a little too cold for my ideals of frolicking about in a field with this and a high waisted skirt on, it still deserves a review!

Say hello to the Nieve long-line bra!

I’ll leave my long-line based rants for a future post, but needless to say I have been desperate for one for so very long. ‘Bra tops’ as they’re often referred to just don’t fit/exist for us busty ladies and so when I spied the chintz cutie known as Nieve at Moda, my heart did indeed skip a beat.

Because not only did a long-line seem to exist with the potential to fit, it was by one of the most reliable brands in the industry, (and personal favourites) Freya. Instantly I knew that this wasn’t going to be a hit or miss long-line bra, the chances of it fitting me went through the roof and I started to inadvertently paw in its direction.

It took me a while from my first Nieve meeting at Moda to me actually getting my grabby hands on it, but it was SO worth the wait.

On closer inspection, I found myself cooing and clucking at the beautiful garment. The Liberty inspired paisley print is a new and exciting take on the classic floral and I will say I am enjoying Freya’s furore into the world of prints (Loretta, anyone?). The clashing colours on a white base really make the bra pop, and the striking back lace along the cups (and on the straps etc) really make the bra standout like no other. But these really are just beautiful bonuses…BECAUSE IT’S A LONG-LINE.

But we all knows, looks only go so far. Yes, the print and colour combination is wonderful and for me, one of the best in recent Freya collections, but this means very little if the bra can’t fit. So, could it contain my over excited self?

After reading how bad the sizing of the standard balcony bra, I was a little worried. The back was fairly snug – a huge relief – and whilst the copious amounts of hooks could be frustrating, they are necessary for a secure fit and are hugely practical. Described as having a ‘low cut neckline’, the cups certainly are cut lower than other Freya styles, something that at first I wasn’t too keen on. I’m so used to a higher cut Freya cup that it initially threw me off, but it wasn’t long before I realised that I was nowhere near nip territory, and the fit was in fact, very good, something I did not expect. The fully adjustable straps means an adjustable cleavage, something I enjoy way too much, meaning I can go from acceptable to decent with minor shuffling. Success!

But this bra isn’t quite everything I wanted it to be (although it is pretty close)…

Although I’m not directly affected, the size range is pretty poor. 30-38 backs, and C-G cups – it really surprised me just how restricted the sizing was. OK, so I completely understand that the engineering behind a long-line is drastically different and this is the first long-line Freya have done, but it is a huge shame. A tiny part of me is a little bit smug that I can fit into this (just) and I am aware this makes me a bad person.

Also, the fit isn’t quite 100%, although I didn’t really expect it to be. It’s supportive enough, and whilst the back isn’t super firm, it is tight enough, but I’m so used to the super supportive likes of the Lyla and Jolie. Of course this is a result of the purposefully low neckline, and the cleavage as a result is subtle but definitely there, but it’s something personally I’d have to keep one eye on, especially if I was to wear this out as a top – which I fully intend on doing. If anything, the not quite spot-on fit is probably down to my personal preference and not anything to do with the bra itself. I suppose I should stop whinging and get back to gushing about it…

I do, however, adore the matching underwear options – there are three of them! The standard brief and thong come in the same lovely print and black detailing to compliment it, but my favourite, by far, is the short. Ever so slightly high waisted and with a gorgeous lace trim that really shows off the intricate design, these are going to be a staple for me, and I hope Freya adopt them as a regular style. Plus the Nieve is yet another set that’s embracing the unbelievably soft combination of polyester, polyamide and elastane which feels amazing against your skin, yipee!

For me, there’s not a lot wrong with this bra. Yes I might be blind-sided by love, but considering it is a low cut, long-line bra, the fit is very good and aesthetically it couldn’t be more pleasing. I know there’s another long-line on its way for spring/summer and I’m just hoping and praying that the size range has been expanded on because EVERYONE deserves to be filled with long-line based glee. All I can think about is next summer, where I’ll finally be able to run about in a high waisted skirt and a long-line bra, throwing caution to the wind (and dodgy looks from strangers) as my vintage dream comes true. Winter, you can do one.

In all fairness I have been waiting for a long-line for so long, and the Nieve worked a treat for me. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but personally I adore this bra. I’ll be reviewing some other long-line beauties soon enough, before Cheryl and I tackle the trend for fitted ‘bra tops’ head on – watch this space!

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 7/10

Comfort: 8/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 8/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 9/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8/10

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9 Replies to “Freya ‘Nieve’: Long-line Bra Review”

  1. There is something so fun about a long-line bra! I was THRILLED that it was available in my Size (32G in Freya). I’m not a huge fan of the cutesy print… I prefer more sophistication. BUT- I have to thank you for posting pics of how I could wear it! You’ve inspired me. It looks great with the high-waisted pencil skirt and peeking thru the button-down blouse! My only complaint about this style is that the bottom band doesn’t stay down. As I wear it (and I typically wear it throughout the whole day), the band rolls up to the underwires. This defeats the whole object of wearing a long-line bra. Perhaps it needs boning. Of course, that might end up being painful. I’m not sure what the solution is. There is no problem with the back because of the hook & eyes from top to bottom. The garment is well-balanced and anchors well around the body (despite rolling up). I love the neckline (slightly plunging but not too much!) The cup shape is perfect (which can be hard to achieve in a cut & sew cup). And I love the light lining in the cups. The geometric lace trim is very pretty. And the coordinating Short is my fave too!

    Thanks Becky!!!


  2. I have to agree with Moira – the band rolls up and it’s really annoying.. Adding boning might be going a bit too far (though some of the bras I had did have some soft boning under armpits and it was ok), I think adding some stiff tape would be enough. Or maybe making the elastic underneath twice as wide as it is, to reach the underwire.
    Apart from that, the bra’s just perfect – which is really something for me, as very few soft cups really fit my boobs..

  3. I have this in a 30f and haven’t had any issues with the band rolling up. I do have to wear it on the tightest hook. Really annoyed that there were only 2 rows of eyes and not the usual 3. I have it with the shorts – love the look but wish I had sized down slightly. Still a lovely set and looks fab with my fair skin.

  4. Ahhh I just found your blog looking for longline bras for 30Fs – your blog is top notch and I love the name. I’m going to be subscribing to your posts – I’ve been looking for a longline bras for ages – may have to see if this Freya one is still available.

  5. Anticipating the Piper set for august 2012… colour scheme much more my cup of tea, and apparently based on the same shape, so good to know the Nieve gets a thumbs up! How cruel/clever of Freya to tease us with previews so long before these sets come out!

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