Freya ‘Nadia’: Bra Review

Freya were one of my first loves when it comes to 28-backed bras as they were the first brand that Bravissimo fitted me into and some of the first bras that I really felt ‘right’ in. My favourite set was the ‘Mimi’ in petal pink, which I have unfortunately long-since outgrown.

I haven’t been buying full price Freya bras so much recently as I find them too expensive. I envy ladies who can go into department stores during the sales and pick up Freya bras for bargain prices as I think they make some of the best on the market, incorporating fit, comfort and beauty. If I could afford to I would expand my Freya collection with many of their latest styles, but when I can buy last season’s Freya or Curvy Kate bras for less than half the price on Brastop… it often suits my pocket to go for the latter.

One bra I own in my size is the ‘Nadia’ bra which I got cheap off Brastop who have recently expanded their Freya collection in a 28FF (which makes me a very happy girl!).

This is not my favourite Freya bra looks wise but it does fit brilliantly. When it comes down to fit and comfort I don’t think you can beat a Freya, and this particular style has foam-lined cups for extra support which is great news for girls like me who have a lower fullness. The black, white and pink colour scheme I do like but it is not one of my favourites, as I think it looks quite harsh together. The embroidery is great quality though – no unravelling or snagging issues in the long time I’ve owned it – and it is nice to find a lightly padded bra for comfort and support as well as a great shape.

The shoulder straps are usually quite wide on Freya bras so if you dislike this then they won’t appeal to you; but if you like comfort and find you need wide straps to support your assets, they will be great for you.

Attractiveness: 4/10

Fit: 7/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 5/10

Support: 10/10

Shape: 8/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7.5/10

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