Freya ‘Loretta’: Bra Review

Ever since Freya’s Spring/Summer range was released for preview on Lingerie Buyer’s website what seems like forever ago, I have had my eye on the Loretta. A bra which combines beautiful fit and shape, practicality and support seamlessly with beautiful design – something I’ve come to expect from Freya. It is right up my street with stunning paisley print and sheer lace panels, delicate pale pastel colours and embroidery, this has to be my favourite of Freya’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.


The great thing about the Loretta is the placement of the sheer panels – I found no nip was showing which is always a plus. The straps are a beige which makes this bra a great alternative for those of you who don’t want to wear a plain ‘nude’ bra – why hide away in the spring?

Size wise, I’ve found my ‘usual’ 28FF to be the perfect fit (if not a little firm in the band – I often wear mine with a bra extender and wish for a 30F!) and the bra washes and wears beautifully. I have the shorts, thong and brief version of the bottoms of this set – (note: obsession!) And I’ve found myself wearing it pretty much constantly since it arrived from the wonderful online Freya retailer Lembrassa.

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 10/10

Shape: 10/10

Price vs. Quality: 10/10

Re-purchasability: 10/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 10/10

Perfect under summer dresses, a flirty nod towards the pastel colours which have been bang on trend for Spring/Summer combined with the classic Freya fit. What’s not to love?

This review first featured on Freya’s Fitting Talk blog but was bought by myself from the brilliant Lembrassa.

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30 Replies to “Freya ‘Loretta’: Bra Review”

  1. I gotta say, you don’t look like a 28. Maybe it’s just the photo. That’s the same size I wear. I’m assuming 28FF – UK? – and 28G US are the same. But your ribcage looks way bigger than mine =/ If I may ask, what does your ribcage measure at with the tape pulled comfortably around it (not snug at all)?

    How is this style under t-shirts? I find a lot of Freya’s soft cup bras to cut into the breast tissue at the top of the cup and it shows through anything thinner than a bulky sweater, but this one looks like it might have a smoother line.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! On me the cup doesn’t cut at all but I’ve never had issue with Freya’s soft cup bras before. My ribcage measurement ‘not snug’ is 27, why do you ask? x

      1. Perhaps it is just the angle then. But it looks as if it’s cause bulging at the bottom of the band. I only ask because I also wear a 28, I measure 26″, sometimes 25.5″ if it’s early in the morning and I haven’t eaten yet. In comparrison to your FF cup (is that the same as a USA G – 4 D’s?) your ribcage looks much wider. But if you say it’s 27, then it is 27. No worries =)

        I’d probably do better in a 26 size as I’ve noticed Freya’s quality is not nearly as good as my American bras (VS). In the one year I’ve owned my Deco and worn it maybe once a week-every two weeks it has stretched out tremendously! Compared to some cotton bras I have from VS for the last 4 years that I wear a few times a week (34D with the band taken in several inches of course, lol!), the elastic in them has held up much better. Do you ever notice this problem with Freya? I asked them about it and they say that’s a first.

        1. Thanks for your comment! I must say with Freya in general I’ve found them great quality and the elasticity lasts but with the Deco not so much! I can definitely see it looks big – I can sway between 28 and 30 bands, though!

          If you are so small, do you read you might enjoy that blog too! x

        2. It sounds like you have similar measurements to me (I measure 24.4″ very tightly, just under 26″ loosely) and I wear 28s too, though I could definitely do with a tighter band in many of them.

          Have you tried any bras from Panache or Cleo? I have a few Panache 28s and I’ve heard they tend to run a bit tighter than Freyas, though I haven’t tried many Freyas myself.

          1. Pulled tight and exhaling completely, I think I’m about 25 or 25.5″. I’ve tried Panache and I hate them. The cups tend to point to the sides and sit too low on my already longer torso, plus the straps are too wide set. I own the Porcelain, Harmony, and the Inferno. All are in size 28DDDD but they have major fit issues. I must have bought mistake ones or something. The porcelain I have in a size 30DDDD too because the band ran too small as did the cups. It fits better in the cup area in the 30, but on the smallest setting it slides up my back. On the other hand, the 28 on the largest setting also slides up a little but causes more back fat, and it pulls the cups way too far to the sides, making them smaller than they already are. There are flaws in them and I can’t figure out which one has it. The center gore on the 28 is actually 1/4″ wider than the gore on the 30! This is one of the main problems I have with Panache bras, even on the 30 it’s too wide in the gore for me (I’ve taken in most of my bras in this area as much as I can). The Harmony would fit good if the band wasn’t as tight, but another problem Panache has is they seem to be an in between cup size. This is very obvious in the cup depth, most of them run about 8.3-8.5″ when with this cup size it should be closer to 9″. The Inferno is the only one that fits me good in the band, but the cups are oddly shaped and they give a really bad pointy look.

            So far my best fitting European soft cup bras are the Freya Rio (which is uncomfortable as hell! lol) and a Fantasie Bridgette Basque in a 30DDD. The Fantasie gives me a better shape than my 28’s and the ribcage is a little on the smaller side, but I can’t wear it with anything because it’s a basque, it has non-removeable garters and the waist is too wide and too short. I haven’t tried Cleo, but based on how they look on the models and on other users on Bratabase, I don’t think that brand would fit me either. The cups are pointing to the sides and my boobs do that naturally, there’d be no point in wearing a bra, haha.

            Feel free to check out my reviews on Bratabase for them =) And maybe someone can tell me if they look like they’re fitting normal, ’cause I got a response from Freya and they said the bras are coming up too high under my arm? If they didn’t then my boobs would spill out…
   – (not sure if that will work but my user name is HLAleo)

        3. One point is that Cheryl is leaning back in the photo, and the second point, is that depending on your shape, the tissue around your ribcage is usually compressible. Maybe you have less compressible tissue in that area, but it’s rare that two people are going to look exactly the same in a bra, even if they have the same measurements.

  2. Beautiful bra, beautiful fit, beautiful lady! I would say that if you are measuring as 27″ under bust a 28 is plently large enough for you. You could even do with a 26 (except might be too small for the first wear). H Photos can be decieving as can people in real life. I don’t look like people expect my bra size to look but i can assure you I am. And since this bra fits beautifully on Cheryl I think she is definately in the right size. Also i love the colouring on you Cheryl shows off your goregous pale skin!

    1. I really am in love with this bra! This one doesn’t feel too tight at all and doesn’t even leave much of a mark. I know there is a lot of debate on bra sizing and I don’t think it will ever be resolved. We will just have to agree to disagree and at the end of the day it’s all about what someone feels comfortable in. I absolutely see what ‘H’ means though! Oh God I think I’d die in a 26 back – I tried all sorts of back sizes for my ‘red marks’ post and a 28 and sometimes 30 (depending on brand and style) was most comfortable. Thanks for your comment! x

      1. “I know there is a lot of debate on bra sizing and I don’t think it will ever be resolved. We will just have to agree to disagree and at the end of the day it’s all about what someone feels comfortable in.”

        I couldn’t agree more! Measurements don’t really tell the full story, and then there’s the variation between brands and styles to consider. I find it more useful to think “a smallish 28 usually fits me best” rather than “I’m a 26, or a 28 if I round up to the nearest available size, or a 30 if I add five inches…”

        For what it’s worth, the bra looks like it fits you beautifully, and I doubt that you’d go to the extra trouble of finding 28s if you felt comfortable in a 30 or 32!

  3. Hi! I’m from Sweden and I’m size 28E. We don’t have that size in Sweden at all! I hate shopping underwear here since it never fits, but it’s not like I can be without it, haha. I finally decided to order bra’s from England. The loretta bra is amazing! I dare to say it is the most beautiful bra I’ve ever seen.

    I was wondering if you know any web shops that sell any bra’s in size 26..? 28 fit better than any bra I’ve tried so far, but I’m pretty sure I could have smaller, if it exists..

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for getting in touch. A great place to go is Ewa Michalak who do custom bras in a size 26 band. You’ll have to contact them to request it but they’ve made them for people in the past. Fellow blogger Thin and Curvy loves them and I’ve reviewed a few of their styles in the past: They fit amazingly and I highly recommend them! The company is based in Poland x

  4. The bra is gorgeous (as are you :D) but I just tried it on in two different sizes since it was on sale and it didn’t fit me at all. The wires seemed to end at a weird place on the sides and i got these odd rolls of fat under my arms. Now i don’t mean the so called “side boob”, at least it didn’t look like that, it was something else. And the bra made my boobs loke pointy rather than round wihich i like better. I’ve tried on a couple different models from freya and only one fit me nicely, all the others had the same problems as Loretta 🙁 I guess it’s possible that they’re just not made for my breasts. It’s a shame since they are so pretty.

  5. I was just wondering if you know of any other freya bras (or I guess any other brand as well!) that give the same shape as the loretta? it definitely gives me the most rounded shape of all my unlined bras, whereas lately I’ve been a bit unlucky with freya bras and keep picking the ones that are more conical. Any advice? oh, and they need to come in a 28 back 🙂

    1. Hi, just got a similar question from the same email address – did you see it? Just in case, here it is again:

      Some of my old favourites can be seen here:

      The Freya Katie and Charlotte bras were both fantastic, but I also get on really well with their Beau, Zara, Tara styles – all three identical fit wise, but with different styling. I’d recommend trying those!

      I also really like the Lacey have you tried that?

      Cheryl x

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