Freya ‘Jolie’: Bra Review

Another bra I wear quite a lot is my purple ‘Jolie’ bra. Not the sexiest bra in my collection but is very practical, comfortable and gives a great shape.

The ‘Jolie’ is a perfect every day bra as it is comfortable to boot, pretty and practical. It comes in black, nude and white making it an ideal bra for work and bright colours for play. My Jolie is a regular for just wearing around the house or for a long day in the office or University, and is a set that I’ve come back to time and time again in all different colours. My Jolie collection now consists of the Amethyst set shown above, as well as a classic white and also the black, and they all get worn regularly. For me, the Jolie is a must have, and it really suits my breast shape. It’s very versatile as it caters really well for girls with lower fullness like me or for a naturally fuller-at-the-top shape.

The coverage is quite full – this bra seems to be more about shape and support than a killer cleavage, but the shape is creates is gorgeous under clothes.

Attractiveness: 6/10

Fit: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Styling: 7/10

Support: 10/10

Shape: 9/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 10/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 9/10

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15 Replies to “Freya ‘Jolie’: Bra Review”

  1. I disagree about Freya bands genreally being loose. Some are quite loose, like arabella I believe is quite loose, and the Rio stretch out quickly. I experienced the Clarissa/Charlotte to very tight, more than anything else I’ve encountered so far, the material is also very resistant to stretching. I have not tried the Jolie though, so I do not have any opinion on it.

    Since you wear some Panache, I know that our breast shape isn’t very compareable. But I am looking for more information on this bra. I have some questions I wonder in particular that I will post in case you have an opinion.
    How do you experience the cup fit, do you find them particularly large or particularly small compared to other Freyas? The top part doesn’t look so generous on the picture, how do you find it? Have you ever tried the Colette bra, and if you have, would you say this is simmilar to it, or is there a different model to compare it with?

    1. Interesting question! The Arabella is looser, my friend who usually wears a 30G wears a 28G in the Arabella style. I personally find Freya better than most for being similar with back sizes. I find Panache are usually much tighter!

      Anyway, with this style I have tried a G cup and it actually fitted well, so I guess that means the cups are quite small. I own the FF and find it quite a snug fit on the cups but sometimes you just want the extra support? It isn’t a bad fit just more snug than perhaps I’d usually expect.

      As with comparing to another model I’ve tried, I would say it is similar to an Estelle? Hope this helps!x

      1. Thank you, I have not tried the Estelle, but it does give me more to compare with, I can look up the reviews for that model as well. I have read both that the Jolie is big, and that it is small in the cup, so it is quite confusing. It is probably all due to shape, it can make things quite different.

  2. Hi, I’ve bought this bra online in 28E (after realising that I have been wearing the wrong sized bra all this while, and getting to know that there are actually bras with 28″ back size, but unfortunately, none in Malaysia). When I first put it on (swoop-and-scoop method included), it fits nicely (ahhh so THIS is how a center gore sitting flush on your breastbone looks like!), but after a few hours, I have quadraboob. I wonder why does this happen? Should I buy 28F instead? Are my boobs shape wrong for this bra? (currently my underbust is 27″ and 34″ for bust)

      1. I can’t believe wordpress didn’t send me an email about your reply :O

        Although this reply is 3 months too late, but thank you! After a few weeks since that date of ordering/returning bras online, I’ve finally found my size: 28G (all my bras are from Panache/Cleo/Masquerade). 😀 And now I think I need to buy a new size because of remigration…

        p/s: Haven’t tried the Jolie since, but if you want to let go of this purple one, feel free to let me know. 😉

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