Freya ‘Daphne’: Bra Review

Regular readers will know of my die hard Freya addiction, so it may not come as much as a surprise to hear that I was eagerly awaiting their latest collection. I’ve been blogging about bras for the best part of eighteen months, and the company that started out as my favourite and the best fit still remains one of my all time favourites, if not top (lingerie) drawer.

I find with Freya it’s all in the underwires. I find many of their soft cup bras combine the perfect obtuse U shape that is neither too flat or too narrow and circular, and the best of them (for me at least) have a expertly cut fabric cup, high quality soft materials and detailing, with very few disappointments along the way.

Fit wise, the Freya ‘Daphne’ is far from a disappointment. As with any bra you never truly know how it is going to fit and feel until you try it on and with the Daphne I had that bra-epiphany all over again. It just feels so right on me that I literally cannot imagine a better fit for my shape.

The band fits like a true-to-size Freya band, firm but not overly so. It’s a pretty opaque and thick material which makes this set very practical; and looks like it would last, wash and wear beautifully.

As with most bras lately, I’d probably just be rid of the little bow at the bottom of the strap, as I find they can really show under clothing and make your straps all the more visible. The Daphne’s straps are fully adjustable, but the continuation of the polka dot print (whilst I think it adds a nice bit of extra detail to the bra) would probably look a little odd with a thin strappy top.

Side on, it’s not the roundest shape in the world (hello Freya Deco!) but it is a really gorgeous natural uplifted shape that I personally favour; it’s like your boobs, only better! I like these kinds of bras as they feel the best to me, just gently supporting my boobs throughout the day.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of how this bra looks overall, however, as I find the white and black polka dot print a bit stark against my pale skin tone. Whilst it’s not a particularly brightly coloured bra, it is quite loud and not to everybody’s taste. That said, I always find a pop of lilac always flatters me (and most skin tones) so pale purple accents are always a big bonus. I find myself praying that Freya made more fully opaque fabric cup bras, as I really enjoyed the consistency of fabric from top to bottom of the bra. For those of you whose nipples like to say hello in bras that have a sheer panel and want something with a bit more coverage, this might be a great choice for you.

One of the best thing about Freya sets is their gorgeous soft stretchy fabrics and the cut of their knickers. They’re full enough to be really really REALLY comfortable but not dowdy or mumsy. The gathering detail at the front adds interest and is a very pretty bit of detailing.

Overall, fit wise this bra is a well-deserved Freya 10/10, however I wish I could paint it with the print of the Neive or Ingrid that I fell head-over-heels for last season. I’m looking for a new Freya that I really love both the print and the fit of, since in the last collection it felt a bit like I loved either one or the other. Thankfully I have a gorgeous whole new collection to choose from! Yey!

Attractiveness: 5/10

Fit: 10/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 6/10

Support: 10/10

Shape: 7/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 6/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7/10

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10 Replies to “Freya ‘Daphne’: Bra Review”

  1. I have been looking for reviews of this bra for a long time. I love the colours and print. However I would be in the GG+ bra, sometimes they vary in fit from the smaller cupped version. They don’t really make my size in the bra, I would have to go to a 30 band instead of a 28, so it probably won’t fit unless it runs tight I suppose :p. I haven’t come across any other reviews of the bra yet, have you heard anything about the GG+ version?

    1. Hey Lillefix, I tried on the Daphne in a 34G today (to get the cup size) and loved it, I will likely be ordering in a 30H or 30HH so then I’ll know if it changes a lot over G. When I do get the right size I will blog about it.

  2. If it is no trouble for you, then I would love to know more, but I don’t want to make work for you. There may still be people who are going to review it, and just haven’t gotten to it yet, it hasn’t been out for really long, although on some sizes on figleaves it already says low stock (I asked them for sizing on it, but they really just said they assumed the band fitted normal, but it was only based on the fact that they hadn’t heard anything from the customers about it)..

  3. Oh, I thought this bra didn’t come in a 28 band. On freya’s website it says it starts at 30. Is the website wrong?

    Your reviews are awesome! I’m in between 28 F and FF, so depending on how something fits you I generally know what size to get. The pictures help a lot as well.

    1. My mistake, this one’s a 30 band – I’m currently wearing a 30 band a lot of the time these days – thanks for spotting! Humph @ Freya for starting at 30 🙁 Usually the balcony version starts at a 28… how disappointing. x

  4. Have you had a chance to try the half-cup/foam version of this bra? And if you have, does it fit big or small compared to others? I was recently able to try the Edina longline but found the cups ran small compared to some of their other styles, and the band was pretty large (I usually wear 28 but since it was a longline it was more supportive so not too big feeling). I’m curious if I tried the half cup bras if the bands would be more generous on them than other styles.

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