Freya Active underwired sports bra: Bras for 28+ backs reviewed

This bra has really served me well: I’ve worn it on a charity fun run, for multiple gym trips and bike rides and has become somewhat of a staple in my collection. My first Freya Active was the underwired version and it has been a favourite from day one. It survived the gravel path and pot holes test effortlessly as well as being one of the first sports bras that I reach for when I’m about to embark on a health kick – but is it perfect?

I’d heard that this bra comes up a little smaller in the band than the average Freya bra so I ordered a 30F. I’ve found that whilst it is certainly firmer than most I’d recommend trying your ‘usual’ size since it is better to have a nice and snug band on a sports bra since it helps to keep you supported whilst doing more strenuous activities. I now wear mine on the second smallest hook when at the gym or when I need extra support and on the third or fourth for a brisk walk or on the cross trainer. I really enjoyed the fit with it, however in future I think I’d go for a 28FF (and a prettier colour!).

Compared to some of the bras I’ve trialled in this mini series, I think the Freya Active is one of the better looking – not so frumpy looking or dowdy, maintaining a practically normal boob shape and available in a multitude of colours, It’s certainly one of the better choices aesthetically.  I also appreciate that the bra has ‘cups’ which keep everything in place – no pesky adjusting or movement, no uni-boob or flattened shape. Just firmly but gently supported boobs.

Every good review should list the negatives, though – and the Freya Active does have some minor but crucial shortfalls for me. I have what can only be described as ‘small shoulders’ – and the straps of the Freya Active are not fully adjustable and the straps are relatively large length wise. I have to wear my Freya Active on the tightest it can go on the straps in order for it to fit well – so I’m dreading how it will fare with age as the elastic inevitably slackens. When I’m running for long periods of time I definitely feel the straps could do with being tighter, but if I stop to adjust them – I can’t – they’re already as small as they can go!

That said, for most forms of exercise the Freya Active is a champion – it uses encapsulation technology which supports without crushing or ‘strapping down’ your boobs which is not only insanely comfortable yet supportive, it maintains a normal looking shape.

The Freya Active underwired bra comes in a great size range too, boasting a 28-38 band and D-H cups (the soft cup in 28-40 C-H cups).

Attractiveness: 8/10

Fit: 8/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 8/10

Support: 8/10

Shape: 9/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 10/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 9/10

It will take a lot to beat the Freya Active range – I wonder if it can be done?

** This bra was gifted as part of my free sets for being a part of the Freya ‘Fitting Talk’ blog. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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7 Replies to “Freya Active underwired sports bra: Bras for 28+ backs reviewed”

  1. Hi Cheryl – do you think the Freya Active could work for girls with closely-spaced boobs? I have less than a pinky’s width between them, and I’m wondering if the Freya’s center gore would be kind of painful. Also, does it run true to size with the cup in your experience?

    1. Hi Vesper, thanks for your comment! In my experience the cups fit true to size, the 30F fits (in the cups especially) very well. I’d recommend trying one first if you can but the centre gore isn’t that wide at all so you might be fine with it. Otherwise try the non padded version for a softer hold x

  2. Dear Cheryl,

    I recently gave this sports bra a try (after having read your review, of course) and I couldn’t get it to fit me.
    I’m a 30GG in most styles, so I tried the Freya Active in 30G, 30GG and 30H.
    The 30G was way too small (sudden four-boob), the 30GG seemed to fit much better in the cups except the center gore just wouldn’t lie flat. I then sized up to a 30H, but the center gore still stood away from my ribcage and I felt that the underwires were almost at my back.
    Maybe the Active and my boobs just aren’t compatible, since they are very, very close-set (I always have to take in center gores) or maybe the cups were too shallow but I still wanted to ask you about this or if you could recommend a different sports bra to me.
    Would you say the wires of the Panache Sports Bra are as wide as the normal Panache bras?

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