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Interview with Contrary Kiwi

“I started the bra aspect after I found out about the bra matrix from Venusian Glow and discovered I wasn’t a 12D but in fact an 8F (later refitted myself to 8FF, then 8G). There is a huge dearth of correct bra information in New Zealand, which I wanted to change.”




Interview with Fussy Busty

“After finding my “real size” I wanted to share my experiences with other people. I’m on the larger end of plus-sized (US 22; which is like..a UK 26?), and there’s not too many bra blogs that represent this perspective.”




Interview with Braless in Brasil

“I’m an American who lives in Brazil.  I’ve been busty most of my life but following pregnancy and major weight loss (and a big bra-epiphany!) I found myself with a small back size and large cup size (about 28JJ) that can only be ordered online.”




Interview with The Lingerie Addict

“I started blogging because I was very interested in lingerie, but had no idea how to shop for it. I didn’t know what to buy, where to buy it, or when to buy it. There just wasn’t much information available for lingerie newbies like me.”




Interview with The Lingerie Lesbian

“I started my blog because I wanted to share my love of lingerie, as well as my perspective on the way lingerie functions in people’s life. Being a lesbian also figured in my decision, because I felt like there was nowhere in the lingerie blogosphere for me to get a perspective of someone who was not straight and might have a slightly different perspective on lingerie & femininity.”



Interview with Boosaurus!

“After I discovered my real size several years ago (I’d been miserable in 36DD’s up till that point), I really felt like there were so many other women who were in the same situation that I was – desperate for a solution to their painful and ill-fitting bras. I felt I really wanted to help spread the word about proper bra fitting somehow!”


Interview with A Sophisticated Pair

“My goal is to help women experience that “Aha” moment when they realize how wonderful they can feel about themselves and their boobs in the right bra.  A few years ago, I was lucky enough to experience this feeling myself and knew then that every woman should get a chance to feel this way.”


Interview with The Full Figured Chest

“Unless you live in a big city, it’s hard to find a good place to get fitted. I think learning to fit yourself and shop online is generally your best bet. The Sophisticated Pair calculator is a good starting point…”




Interview with Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

“I was a runner up in the UK Star In A Bra 2011 and as the reason that I entered was to be a plus size model for ladies who want to see how undies look on larger ladies, I decided to carry that on with my blog. It has evolved into so much more now and I sometimes wonder what I did with my spare time before it…”




Interview with Sweet Nothings

“My rallying cry is “It’s not you; it’s your bra.”  If you don’t feel fantastic about your boobs, the problem isn’t you.  You just need a better bra.”




Interview with Eternal*Voyageur

“I recommend every woman to learn to fit herself. Once a woman learns what a well-fitting bra looks and feels right, she is empowered and independent in matters of bra fitting for all her life and will always know what’s best for her boobs.”




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