Eloise Lingerie support Breast Talk Bra Amnesty

Eloise Lingerie Huntingdon manager Joanna Lindsey is hoping her fun bra amnesty will help raise awareness of breast cancer.

We’ve all heard the statistic: it is estimated that a staggering 85 per cent of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra. That said, many women get refitted or change size but keep hold of their old ill-fitting bras, I know from experience that up until recently I was the same!

With industry experts suggesting women should buy a new bra every six months, the reality across the country is of dozens of ill fitting, unloved and unworn bras cluttering women’s drawers! But, before you ‘take the plunge’ and bin your old bras, think of some of the alternatives – and how your old bras could find a new form of support.

Huntingdon-based lingerie specialists Eloise are coming to the rescue of women and their wardrobes – while aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer, thanks to a Bra Amnesty.

Women from across Huntington, Peterborough and Cambridge can donate their unwanted bras to the Eloise, a bespoke fitting service for women who are recovering from breast surgery.

Senior fitter Joanna Lindsey is manager of the Huntingdon showroom at Glebe Road in the town. She said:

“Wearing the correct bra is so important, not just to our customers – to whom we can provide comfort, style and renewed confidence in their body shape following surgery – but to every woman.

A good fitting bra can promote good posture, good health and make you look and feel great. It is amazing how many women are wearing the wrong size and what a difference being correctly measure can make.”

Throughout June, the Eloise bra amnesty will be collecting unwanted bras – which Jo will arrange to send to a charity that helps to raise money for breast cancer awareness, as well as helping to provide bras to women in poorer parts of the world.

Jo said: “This is a fabulous cause, and something which through the nature of our work, we can relate to.”

As an additional thank you, women who use the Eloise Lingerie or Eloise Mama maternity range services will be given a voucher for £5 off their first purchase, in return for their bra donation.

You can drop your bras into Eloise Lingerie at Cirrus House, Glebe Road, Huntingdon PE29 7DL or pop them in the post – marked Bra Amnesty, or call Joanna to arrange a drop off or to make an appointment on 08442259180.

Alternatively you can email cambridge@eloise.co.uk

The amnesty runs until July 18 2011 – start a ‘bravolution’ in your wardrobe and support a great cause in the mean time.

For more details about the Breast Talk charity, visit http://www.breasttalk.co.uk/bra-appeal/

Image credits: Images by Eloise Lingerie, Huntingdon

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