Meeting Dita Von Teese

Last week I planned a press-day filled day in London with some gorgeous bloggers, and I was beyond – BEYOND – excited to hear that (just by accident) DITA VON TEESE herself was making an appearance to mark the launch of her new lingerie range ‘Von Follies’ in Debenhams in Oxford Street that very day.

You can only imagine my excitement as I scrolled through Twitter on the National Express (all the glamour!) to hear this heavenly news. It goes without saying that as soon as my coach landed in Victoria I was on the first tube to Bond Street and made a beeline for Debenhams.

Now, what does one say when they meet one of their heroes? In my case, it wasn’t a lot. I managed to splutter something about how she ‘looked lovely today’ and that ‘she’d probably never heard that before’. Cringe!

She really was as perfect in real life as you’d imagine. The most gorgeous porcelain skin, flawless hair and makeup and an almost cartoon-like shapely figure that was quite simply to die for. She seemed teeny tiny, although I’m sure she stood a fair few inches taller in her immaculate glossy black stilettos.

As you can see, this may well have been the biggest fangirl moment of all time. Like seriously, I’d finally met a woman even more obsessed with lingerie than I am – plus we seem to share the exact same skin tone. Meant to be BBFs, much?

The best part of this day was that Dita (Von Teese, my new BFF) said she liked my dress! I haven’t taken it off since.*

Thank God for coincidental days off work and Debenhams‘ Twitter operator!

Unfortunately Dita’s Lingerie range isn’t made for the likes of me (it’s 32-36 andย  goes up to a DD cup), but it was still awesome to meet her and check out her very VERY sexy new collection.

*This may not be entirely factually correct.

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5 Replies to “Meeting Dita Von Teese”

  1. Strangely, her lingerie range doesn’t seem to be made for her either. I don’t see how a 32 could possibly fit her.

    You two make a lovely pair, like a good and a bad twin ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There are certain styles in the range that go up to a G-cup. For some reason they skip FF, so it’s probably more like a FF cup than a G cup, though. Also, the bras in those sizes aren’t nearly as cute, in my opinion. Basically, they’re full coverage versions of the other bras with thick straps. I’ve seen them on the Target Australia website.

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