Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2012 Season Review

We’re always so excited about new collection releases, and after the popularity of our Autumn/Winter 2011 round-up, we’ve got the latest offerings from Curvy Kate and I’m sure you’ll agree it looks set to be quite a treat!
The Lottie, which was only meant to be a one-season addition following the brand’s ‘Design a Curvy Kate’ competition with De Montfort University, has gone on to be one of the brand’s best sellers and so they’ve expanded the range into continuity colours white and black.

Neither are one plain colour, with highlights of fairly large baby pink bows and contrast zig-zag stitching in the same colour for a girly vintage twist.
The fit is great for everyday and whilst it’s not the roundest shape in the world, the uplift and comfort factor is second to none. It’s a more ‘tear drop’ shape which can only be described as ‘your boobs, but better’.
For those who enjoyed the raspberry and indigo version of last season and like a good old fashioned clashing bright colour-way, this season it’s this gorgeous grape and coral mix. I have to say I’m more drawn to the black and white versions as their simplicity is what makes them so classic and wearable. This one’s pretty but wouldn’t be at the top of my wish list.
The great thing about purple is how it seems to suit all skin colours, and I can imagine this would look drop dead gorgeous on deep skin tones. For a full review, click here.

Without a doubt my own personal favourite is this ‘Bluebell and White’ Angel set. The colour combination really pops and looks great on my skin tone. That’s not to say it wouldn’t suit others, but I find it really flattering against my pale yellow-toned skin.
The fit is stunning, and so comfortable too. I really enjoy the Angel but many report that they tend to size up in the cup compared to the majority of Curvy Kate bras.

Side view: an amazing shape and a lot more rounded that the likes of the Lottie and Emily sets. I find it more comparable to the Princess. We’ve done an in-depth review of the Angel set here.

The Tease Me is not my favourite Curvy Kate set, although I really want it to be. For me, I find the cups are a bit shallow – which gives amazing uplift and cleavage! – but makes the sizing a bit tricky. I would recommend trying a cup size up in most Showgirl ranges, although with the Tease Me you risk losing some of its ‘oomph’ effect if you have lower fullness like me.
The cups are also cut very low so if you have higher nipples they can risk taking the ‘Showgirl’ name a bit too literally! It’s one of Curvy Kate’s prettiest sets, though, and this season they’ve got two amazing and really unique colour-ways so they’re definitely worth a try on to see if they suit you.

I could probably do with another cup size up in the Tease Me. The band is also widely reported to be ever so slightly more stretchy than a lot of Curvy Kate bras, and as I’m finding myself wearing 30F in many of their sheer cup styles, I still like to keep a 28 band in their Showgirl ranges.
Becky’s a huge fan of the Tease Me and seems to wear the set on any occasion. She goes up to a 30GG in the style, and she needs every extra millimetre of that cup size!
The Showgirl range might not suit everyone or everyone’s needs – although Becky and I wear them on a day-to-day basis both to the office, out for a day of shopping or for a special occasion, and the frills, lace and ruffles don’t phase us. For more information about this set, click here.

The Emily is my Curvy Kate weakness, and I already have it in the Flame, Lavender and Grape colour-ways of seasons past. This beautiful pastel coral colour is a welcome addition to the range. So pretty!
The bra is absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the adjustments made to the knickers. They’ve made them much less sheer which will probably make a lot of people happy but for me I enjoyed the fabric and sexy peekaboo effect of the old styles. We’ve reviewed this set in case you want to read more about it.
Nothing fits Becky better than the Princess bra. It’s quite a full cup and I find that the shape is very round for a fabric cup. Both Becky and I size up in the cup in the princess, but it’s a great fit once you find your best size.
Click here for our full review.
The Tempt Me features the key shade of Curvy Kate’s season – coral – and it’s a beautiful addition to the collection. It still has that sexy-as-hell Tempt Me appearance and cracking cleavage, but has a delicious Spring injection!
The Tempt Me is well known for its tricky fit, but it’s one of those bras that – if it works for you – it’s an absolutely amazing shape and unrivalled cleavage. It’s not the most practical set, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not necessarily meant to be! And you guessed it, we’ve reviewed this one too.
Unfortunately we’re still waiting on the latest addition to the Showgirl collection, the Fleurty, which looks set to be a show-stopper of the season. As soon as we get our filthy mitts on a set, you’ll be the first to hear about it.
Also watch this space a review of the eagerly awaited Daily Boost!

For those of you entering Star in a Bra, I imagine these are some of the sets you’ll be wearing if you make the top 10! How exciting!

Do you have a favourite new Curvy Kate bra or colour-way? Are there any other collections you’re eager to see us round-up? Let us know!

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12 Replies to “Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2012 Season Review”

  1. Ah, the two that I’m looking forward to the most are the Fleurty and Daily Boost so I guess I’ll just have to wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    However, I really love the colors on the new Lottie so that’s definitely something to watch for!

  2. Finally someone who mentions the panels added on the panties! I was so disappointed when the autumn styles arrived; theyโ€™re already pretty full coverage the sheerness gives them the cute twist. I went one set after the other checking that they all had it (bought Princess, Emily and Angel), and even considered trying to remove the second layer of fabric. The only reason I didnโ€™t is that Iโ€™m not a very skilled seamstress and so was too afraid of ruining the panties ๐Ÿ™ Besides Iโ€™m not a big fan of the triangle shape in the front, it is OK in the sheer ones but the extra layer of fabric only makes it stand out more.

  3. Ooooh, thanks for this! You girls are so lovely and no one looks better in Curvy Kate! I am so tempted by the new continuity colors of the Lottie, I love the way they’ve done the contrast stitching. And that Emily, wow.

    Like you I also wear my Thrill Me/Tease Mes like everyday basics, they are just so comfortable, I can’t help it! Ultimate dream: Tease Me brought out in plain black, white, and nude. Not that I object to the fun colors (just bought another one today in fact) but how cute would it be as a basic with the lace?

  4. i must say i am a fan of the blue and pink colours being used here. what a nice way to brighten up my ‘Delicates’ draw for the summer.

    thank you girl


  5. As always, you ladies put together great feedback! That Angel bra in the bluebell is so stunning and fresh. I love love love my “Tease Me” bra, and I always get the most comments from customers about my boobs when I wear it. Personally, I went up one cup size, and I really should have gone up two. Most days, it’s just a little spillage, but one salty meal, and YOWSA! I ordered a Princess and Elegance bra for myself, but my usual Freya size was way too small for both. Now, I’m awaiting the Emily and the Romance, and I’m hoping one of those will work out for me as I really love what the brand has to offer.

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