Curvy Kate Smoothie: Bra Review

It’s been a long time coming – since December last year to be exact – but the Smoothie is finally here! The ‘World’s first’ moulded bra that goes up to a J cup, it promises to answer the prayers of moulded-bra-loving, big-boobed gals everywhere.

Now, for anyone who’s read my blog for any length of time will probably know that my arch nenesis is actually the moulded bra. I’m a soft cup girl at heart and I just don’t think anything else really fits me quite like a good seamed, fabric bra. The Freya Deco may be a cult favourite in the lingeire blogging world, but for me, it’s like kryptonite.

That said, I’m always fascinated about all these new ‘World’s first’ bras and hype items. In true lingerie blogging style, my curiousity has gotten the better of me and I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these.

Now, I can’t say that it feels within my comfort zone, but despite my loathing for padded and moulded bras, this isn’t a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. It fits my wide-set, lower-fullness boobs which are tricky in any moulded style I’ve ever tried, and there’s no sign of gaping.

I think the secret to the Curvy Kate Smoothie’s success on me is the balconette shape, as opposed to the Freya’s deep plunge. After a little wear of the Deco, I spill out of the the front, which leaves double boob and a gap at the top of the cups. Not pretty! The Smoothie, however, is a lot less ‘push ’em together’ and a bit more ‘lift and contour’.

Is this my new favourite bra, though? Well no, I just can’t get used to this style bra – I feel like I’m wearing a suit of armour! But for those of you who do like moulds, I’d definitely recommend you give it a go, especially since the Smoothie size range is so much better than anything else on the market at the moment.

Proceed with caution, though, as the sizing is a little tricky and requires a bit of trial and error. From what I can tell you won’t be buying your ‘usual’ size in this one, in fact I’m wearing a 28FF in these pics. Since I tend to wear a 30F or FF at the moment, it’s not a million miles away, but in my experience the band is definitely looser than average, and the cups on the smaller side.

I think the bra would generally be best for people with balanced fullness, but does seem to work quite well for me with lower fullness. I’ve not encountered the bra on any gals who are fuller on top, so if anyone with that shape tries one, please do let me know as it would be interesting to hear.

Unlike the Daily Boost, I had no ‘orange in a glass’ effect or emptiness at the bottom of the cups, so all in all, it will be interesting to see if other moulded cup aficionados (hello Fuller Figure Fuller Bust!) will get on with this one.

The best part of this set for me? Those high-waist briefs. They sit perfectly on top of my love handles, so no muffin top in sight. I might just clear out the stock of the knickers alone…

Attractiveness: 6/10

Fit: 4/10

Comfort: 5/10

Styling: 6/10

Support: 5/10

Shape: 7/10

Price vs. Quality: 4/10

Re-purchasability: 3/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 5/10

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16 Replies to “Curvy Kate Smoothie: Bra Review”

  1. Thanks for this review! I’ve been asked by a few customers if I am bringing the Smoothie in the store, and I’d really like to have a handle on sizing before doing so since Curvy Kate can sometimes differ from other manufacturers. The shape looks good, but I’m sad to hear the cup is a little small.

  2. I do like the idea of a bra being a nemesis. Gangs of bristling moulded bras lurking on street corners, smoking fags and looking menacing. Tee hee.

  3. I totally agree with you about the knickers! Same with the ones that match the Curvy Kate Tempt Me. I think underwear is so much more attractive when it isn’t cutting into your flesh.
    I’m also going to order the bra (definitely in the pink and probably in the pink too when it comes out).

  4. Bra sizing does tend to be very much brand specific, which makes it really difficult to get the right size without trying on a bra first. Getting the right size bra makes all the difference to the way your clothing looks on top, and probably more so with a moulded bra

  5. Interesting to hear that the band came up big, most of the CK bra’s I’ve had before have been a little tight, and I’ve not got on with them.

    Gonna give it a shot though, as there’s so few options like this up at the J cup end of the spectrum! Having something in the drawer for when you really need a smooth finish would be a minor miracle for me! Moulded bra’s have not been my nemesis but more like my unicorn in Atlantis – totally non-existent and impossible to locate.

  6. You seriously don’t know how happy I am to have found your blog….I am from the USA, I’m a D cup and definitely can have trouble finding lingerie that fits (large bust, small arse), and your blog literally made me smile! It’s so awesome to find a blog that really seems to *fit* me. I’m having a wonderful time reading through your reviews, and have subscribed to your RSS so I’ll be back! I loved your review of this bra (I have one Curvy Kate bra so far, and I actually like the fit of it as well) and I too have lower-fullness boobs. So it’s so cool to have found my boob-twin! lol

  7. I ordered a 28E, and unfortunately the band is very big! I measure 27″, have to close it on the tightest hook and can still put easily a hand between my back and the bra band. Other CK (even the few show girl bras I tried) fit nice and kind of tight on the loosest hook. What happened there?
    I’m still gonna keep it though, the stiffness of the cups helps a lot in the support, and my boobs are firm and not big, it gives a lovely shape!
    Maybe I will try the panache porcelain plunge as well; the normal porcelain gives me quadraboob (I need semi-open cups) while the freya deco in 28e gapes when I move around. Do you have any other nice suggestions for a moulded tshirt bra in a small band? Thanks!

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